Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vortex: Scotland's Gay Mafia

Michael Voris visited Scotland, where homosexual scandal has rocked the Church there in recent months. I’m going to present some excerpts from the script for this Vortex episode, “Gay Catholic Scotland”, and add a few comments of my own. Read the full script here, and watch the video below.

Voris tells us that:

[Homosexuality] is a HUGE problem in the Church. Scotland just happens to be a case in point because of the recent revelations that the leading Cardinal here - Keith O’Brien – was involved for decades in homosexual relationships with various members of his own clergy. These reports happen to coincide with the publication of an online book [Priesthood in Crisis] by Scottish priest Fr. Matthew Despard which names names and gives great detail about the homosexual mafia in the Church here in Scotland.

I reported on Fr. Despard’s book (and the fall-out from it) here, here, here, and here. The book is worth reading. We really need to open our eyes to the homosexualist agenda that is seeking to destroy our Church from within.

Back to Michael Voris:

Scotland is unique because of HOW it all came to light. Cardinal O’Brien was publically denouncing gay marriage and some of the priests he was sexually active with couldn’t take it anymore – so after a series of some hit and miss type revelations, they simply revealed the entire story to the secular media…who are always keen to blast the Church.

I’ll note also that Bishop Joseph Devine of Motherwell Diocese, is highlighted in Fr. Despard’s book (Fr. Despard being a priest of that diocese), as being at least complicit in the homosexualist movement within that diocese. But I also featured Bishop Devine here, when he made a strong statement against homosexual marriage. This came to mind when I was reading Fr. Despard’s book, and I remember thinking at that time that making such a statement could be a good way of deflecting any attention from the bishop and the chancery regarding the homosexual mafia. Cardinal O’Brien’s actions certainly make that seem like a viable option to any bishop who secretly supports homosexual behavior in the priesthood, but wants to look like he is faithful to the teachings of the Church.

Voris continues:

The revelations came out here as a result essentially of mean-spirited vindictiveness on the part of other homosexual priests. But as we look at the larger global implications of this, some other questions arise. What if these former sexual partners could have been persuaded to stay quiet and none of this has been made public? How would any restoration of the faith occur here with a cloak and dagger homosexual mafia quietly orchestrating from behind the scenes as they apparently have for decades? And what about other places and diocese and archdioceses around the world?

It looks like the Vatican is not going to let Cardinal O’Brien simply “retire”. And it looks like the Vatican really is going to do a thorough investigation of the homosexual mafia in Scotland, as well.

O’Brien was seen moving his belongings to a residence in Dunbar where he has spent many weekends over the past years – setting up his retirement home in fact. Reports now indicate that the Vatican stepped in and simply put an end to it. They ordered him out of Britain putting an end to any plans to retire in peace and comfort. And it appears that it was the current archbishop of Glasgow Phillip Tartaglia who tipped off the Vatican and wants O’Brien out of here because his physical presence would just keep the story alive.

That the Vatican would make such an uncharacteristic move – ordering a retired Cardinal to get out of his native country – shows just how seriously some in Rome is taking this whole homosexual clergy mess. And what’s more, in the midst of all this, Pope Francis has called a halt to any new bishops being named in Scotland until the entire matter – meaning the homosexual mafia as it relates to not only Cardinal O’Brien, but the Church here at large – is fully investigated. The move means three dioceses – Paisley, Dunkeld and Edinburgh – will not have their vacancies for a bishop filled. Another two with aging bishops, Motherwell and Galloway, will not have their churchmen replaced either. This will leave five of the eight dioceses in Scotland effectively without leaders – over half – owing directly to the homosexual clergy mafia.  

Clearly Rome is quite determined to make sure that no other homosexual men are being elevated to bishop and bringing resultant scandal to this already embattled local Church.

But it would be unwise to consider this just a Scottish problem. People in the know in the Church tell us that the presence of a homosexual network in the Church is not only vast, but also powerful – controlling, in many cases, the appointment of bishops, promotions of gay or gay-friendly priests, and threatening anyone who suggests they will expose it with what amounts to career- ending sanctions… like being accused of sexual abuse for one.

None of this is really new. Here’s a list of books/articles that have been published over the years, each documenting the problems with active homosexuality in the clergy. It’s really quite sobering to think about.

1982: Fr. Enrique Rueda’s ground-breaking book, The Homosexual Network
2002: Michael Rose, Good-by, Good Men
2006: Randy Engel Rite of Sodomy (5 volumes)
2013: Fr. Dariusz Oko, Ph.D., With the Pope Against Homoheresy
2013: Fr. Matthew Despard, Priesthood in Crisis

And of course there’s that John Jay report on priestly sexual abuse of minors that clearly implicates homosexuality as the culprit in the “pedophile” scandal of the Church…which really is not about pedophilia (see Randy Engel’s commentary). Although children were victims of sexual abuse, the vast majority of the cases involve abuse of teen-age boys. The term for that, apparently, is hebephilia or ephebophilia (depending on the age range; see this professional journal abstract).

What it all boils down to, though, is disordered, sick behavior. And this diabolical activity has infiltrated the priesthood.

Prayer and penance. Prayer and penance.


  1. See also Paul Likoudis "Amchurch Comes Out: The U.S. Bishops, Pedophile Scandals and the Homosexual Agenda" from 2002 on Amazon at

    Also Atila Sinke Guimaraes "Vatican II, Homosexuality & Pedophilia" from 2004 on Amazon at

  2. I just now finished reading Fr. Despard's book, which I borrowed from the Kindle lending library after seeing the Vortex episode. This deep homosexual penetration into the Church's hierarchy was surely the necessary prelude to the current wave of gay "marriage" legalization that is currently sweeping the world. When the rubber meets the road, the Catholic Church is the only institution on earth that truly stands in the way of hell's agenda; it is necessary to destroy her in order for hell to prevail. And her enemies have learned that frontal assaults are useless, and the only hope they have -- false though it is -- is to attack her from within. Jesus Himself warned us of this in the parables of the wheat and the tares, and the good fish and bad in the net -- and indeed in the selection of Judas Iscariot as an apostle.

    Of course the gates of hell shall never prevail over the Church; but it will not be for want of trying.


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