Friday, May 24, 2013

Boy Scouts, Bishops, and Bull Sh...

This is a rant, pure and simple..because I am very angry. “It’s my blog, and I’ll rant if I want to”, to paraphrase an old song. I may delete this post when I calm down, so if you like it, you’d better share it now.

So…what was I about to say…?

Who doubted that the Boys Scouts would cave? I didn’t. Not for a minute. The homosexualist agenda in this country is so strong it almost seems like there’s no stopping it. God help us!

In my humble opinion, much of the blame for this horrendous state of the Union – the homosexualization, de-masculination, and general brow-beating of the American public into submission to the almighty gawd of sexual perversion and political correctness – is the Catholic Church.

Well, not the Church Herself, of course; but the bishops who are supposed to be our shepherds, and the priests who are supposed to be our pastors. But mostly it’s the bishops who have dropped the ball; they, after all, ordain the priests, and they control the type of men who enter the seminaries. And they have, as a group, fallen to the homosexualist agenda. Score one for the Communists.

I noticed that the National Catholic Register features an interview with Al Notzon III, who is the chairman of the National Review Board that advises the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on the implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, guidelines and procedures established by the USCCB in June 2002 for addressing allegations of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy.

Here’s one question-and-answer (my emphases):

While the majority of clergy sex-abuse victims are post-pubescent boys, the researchers who completed the second John Jay Report concluded that same-sex attraction was not a significant factor in the crisis. Subsequently, some Church leaders challenged that assessment.

The majority of victims are still post-pubescent males.

The charter recommended strengthening human formation in the seminary and improving screening as well.

When you hire an independent researcher [group], they reach their own conclusions. I don’t agree with their conclusion in this instance — when 83% of cases are male on male.

“Strengthening human formation”? What the heck does that mean anyway?! For heaven’s sake, Bishops, you are wasting time and money on this stuff. I think most people know the answer, in their gut.

The problem is that there are homosexual priests who prey on adolescent males.

The problem is that there are homosexual bishops who have maneuvered those homosexual priests into position.

Bishops, here is the solution to this problem: get rid of the homosexual priests. Do not let men with same-sex attraction into the priesthood. Allow only men who have a strong sense of their own masculinity, of their true gender, to enter the seminary. Look for real men, not girly-men. This is not rocket science.

The problem is that most of you bishops will not act like REAL MEN, and stand up for what the Church teaches. Oh, a few of you actually do tell it like it is, and of course are dumped on immediately by the press. And do you receive support and encouragement from your brother bishops?

Don’t make me laugh.

And yes, some others of you, a little less courageous than the real man bishops, make a small effort, but generally it comes out as, “Well, ya know, homosexual behavior is really not quite right, but God loves us all, and we’re all sinners, so…and we don’t want you parents of homosexuals to feel bad…so…you know, we need to just all get along and pray for each other…”

For heaven’s sake! Is your best-buddy brother bishop gay or something? Are you afraid of offending him? At the expense of the souls of the faithful, not to mention your own?!
What’s up with you guys? I guess the Church’s “gay mafia” we keep hearing about is really pretty powerful. The “gay mafia” seems to have you all quaking in your boots – whether you are a part of it or not.

Do you wonder why you bishops don’t get the respect you want? I’ll tell you why: it’s because you have not earned it. In fact, you have squandered your right to it. You do not stand up for what’s right. You do not stand up for Church teaching.

You do not respect the laity, either. You think we are blind, deaf, and dumb, not to mention stupid, and you think that we don’t see through your politicking ways. Oh, sure, you “fool” the “progressive” Catholics. Except you’re not fooling them; you are either on their side or are playing into their agenda, and they are laughing at you behind your backs. Turn on them, bishops, by preaching – and acting on – the truth, and you will see just how loyal those liberal progressive modernists “catholics” really are. They will attack you in a heartbeat.

It doesn’t start and end with condoning homosexuality, either. There’s the bishops’ failure to address the issues of artificial contraception and abortion. Those two issues have played directly into the hands of the homosexualists.

Real priests follow the rubrics.
There’s the issue of the liturgy, the Mass, our Holy Mass that is lying in ruins in most of the parishes of this country. There’s the issue of you bishops failing to follow the mind of the Holy Father when Pope Benedict XVI issued the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. Save the liturgy, save the world. You didn’t save the liturgy, and in failing to take the correct action, you are pushing the world along in the handbasket on the road to hell.

You’ve let us down, bishops. No, not all of you. But most of you.

You bishops are responsible for our souls, and you are responsible for fighting for this Church. I don’t mean fighting for “religious freedom” either. I mean fighting for the Truth. That’s harder than fighting for religious freedom, because it’s not popular at all.

So you bishops who are real men, please, I beg you, start fighting. We need you. And we will support you. But just so you know…I think “we” are a small remnant amongst those who call themselves Catholic in the US of 2013.

But we are small in number, but we are tough. Help us, and we will help you.


  1. Well now - I bet you feel lots better. I know I do after reading this. Thanks.

    It's what I've been saying since day one. We have a priest around here who is so openly high camp swishy that it is impossible to ignore. Is he celibate? I have no idea. For the sake of propriety, I think it would not be much of a stretch for the bishop to ask this butterfly to pretend to be a manly man. He makes me cringe.

  2. OF COURSE it is the failure of the hirelings now in high positions in the Church who are aiding and betting, some willingly, some unwittingly, the homosexualization of the world. That there is a strong, relentless, homo mafia in the Church is as obvious as the noses on our faces, and that there is cowardice, avarice, immorality, stupidity and God knows what else is equally obvious.

    We should be mad as hell, and your courageous post should be left up.

  3. Well, yes, Adrienne, I DO feel better! And thank you Aged Parent, for your vote of support, too.

  4. Leave the post up on the slim chance that one of the girley man Bishops, or their spies, might read it. It may not change anything but at least they will know that they are not universally loved and adored which seems to be their sole objective in life

  5. I feel your pain! I'm not sure if 'The House' can be cleaned any time soon without Divine Intervention. It really boils down to priestly formation . . . During our stay in La Crosse last weekend, we stopped by the SSPX St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, MN for Sunday Mass. We saw so many young men there who have joined this priestly society. They will be formed intellectually and spiritually to become REAL MEN for Christ. God is good! I felt like I was in heaven when I heard them chanting Lauds.

  6. Manly shepherds don't "return to sender" letters from their flock.


  7. I fired a shot across a bow this week out our way. I await an answer.

  8. Excellent rant, Jay. I'm with you. When I read the news last night, I wasn't surprised but I had still been hoping and praying for a happy surprise...which didn't come. I posted on some other site how sad I was, and frankly, angry. Really angry. Almost brings me to tears for some reason. Maybe I've just been in a blue mood lately but this particular piece of bad news just seemed to send me over the top.

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