Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's Wrong with These Pictures?

I'll have more to say later... ["more" has now been said...go here to read it.]

For the background info on the above photo, see my post "Hand-Wringing over Handbell Ringing".

You can see the letters I wrote regarding these events by clicking here.


  1. Lord have mercy. I hope the woman at the xylophone was at least playing something Catholic, but I'd bet she was playing "Jingle Bell Rock" instead. In both pictures, did the clergy at least take Jesus to an altar of repose somewhere else? I'd bet they didn't. So, excuse me, Lord, while we take over your house and fill it with profane things.

  2. How about you are not supposed to have a concert using the Sanctuary...oh, I'm sorry it is just a "rule" and of course in the pursuit of popularity "rules" don't mean anything. My bad

    1. Since the church was sanctified and set apart from the world, it is sacred space. A concert, even though it might be beautiful music, is not sacred, and should be performed in its proper place. The church, and most certainly the cathedral, is not a theatre.

  3. What's wrong? Almost everything.

  4. In the first photo, at first glance I thought someone was setting up the altar for Mass. Then I thought it looked like way too many sacred vessels, and I realised it was a set of bells! There is an altar behind her, obviously in the way. Zooming in, though, it actually looks like the tabernacle is indeed open, so Jesus must be reposed somewhere else, since obviously He was in the way, too. :{/

  5. I think those pictures are a good match for my 'charismatic' clip.

  6. Jesus was indeed removed from the tabernacle...

  7. During Advent we have the same thing that goes on at our parish. Its a fund raiser for the local county food bank. If people didn't show up, maybe they wouldn't have them.



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