Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Taking a Break

I’m off on retreat for a few days, but I'm just plain taking a break from blogging, too.

There won’t be any new posts here for the rest of this week, as I take a few deep breaths and rekindle my “phire”. I should be posting again by next Wednesday (June 5), if not before.

While I’m away…don’t forget to watch The Vortex every day!

Here are some other things for your edification:

This is an “audiosancto” sermon with pictures/photos added just to give you something to look at while you listen. Works for me! There are some very good points made here "On The Errors of Pentacostalism". 

You can also watch this program about Purgatory from ChurchMilitant.TV.

This program is from ChurchMilitant.TV


  1. Have a good retreat, Dr. Jay...

  2. Yep remember those days all "caught up" in the feel good Charimatic Renewal Movement ....this was EXCELLENT by Father .from audiosancto , thanks be to God ! The TRUTH always sets us free and free indeed ...since my return to the Traditional Catholic Church ...no MODERNISM any more for me.
    And of course Michael Voris and the Vortex...a daily MUST for me .
    Dr. Jay have a blessed Retreat and I know your praying for all of your friends who daily come over to this wonderful blog...nourishment for the soul indeed.
    Thanks be to God!


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