Thursday, May 9, 2013

Homosexual Issues in the Archdiocese of Detroit

The letter below was recently brought to my attention by Christine Niles of the Forward Boldly blog-radio program; it was sent to Detroit Archbishop Vigneron, whose archdiocese has hosted pro-gay Dignity Masses for decades.

Forward BoldlyFirst, though, let me give a quick “commercial message” about Christine’s great programs. She has interviewed many noteworthy guests on Forward Boldly, including Abby Johnson (former abortion-clinic worker turned pro-life activist); Damian Goddard (who’s been persecuted for his support of traditional marriage); Reggie Littlejohn (Women’s Rights without Frontiers); Louie Verrecchio; Fr. Michael Rodriguez; and many others. “Like” the Forward Boldly Face Book page to get info on upcoming shows. You can also listen to the past shows by clicking on links at the Forward Boldly site.

Okay, back to that letter and the issues of the homosexualist political agenda…

ChurchMilitant.TV ran a “Special Report” on May 6 about a “gay Mass” that held at Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the pro-homosexual-behavior group “Dignity”. You may recall that Archbishop Vigneron of the Archdiocese of Detroit recently defended Church teaching on the sinfulness of homosexual behavior by issuing a statement that gay marriage supporters should not receive Holy Communion at Mass. You may also recall that retired Bishop Gumbleton of that same archdiocese publicly defied Archbishop Vigneron and said homosexualist supporters should go ahead and receive because we’re all sinners, after all.  See my post on that here.

And guess who celebrated that “gay Mass” at Marygrove reported by CMTV: None other than Bishop Gumbleton himself.

Here’s the CMTV Special Report. You should watch it; there are some quite well-spoken lay people here.

And here is the letter I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I think it speaks for itself.

"A Gay Woman's Thoughts on Dignity Masses:

I am a gay woman who is absolutely SICK of heart every time I encounter such blatant disregard for human life. If those who claim to represent Holy Mother Church would have resolutely proclaimed to me THE TRUTH years ago in solidarity, I may not have squandered 35 yrs of my life in a far-off unholy land of loose living in SIN AGAINST the Holy King of the Universe. Over the years I was told innumerable times by dissident, unholy deacons and nuns that I was just fine to continue in my sin. NOW THIS!!!! How dare you, sir, allow this travesty to exist in your diocese, and not only allow all these souls to continue down the broad road to hell, but to personally escort them there yourself???? WE ARE PERSONS WHOSE IMMORTAL SOULS MATTER, AND WE DESERVE TO HEAR THE PAINFUL BUT HONEST TRUTH FROM OUR CHURCH NOT NICE DAMNING LIES!!!!

I thank God that He was able to sidetrack all the blatantly rebellious, hellish advice given to me by the servants of Satan within the Church, and lead me to the HOLY TRUTH despite their recalcitrance. I STRONGLY urge you, sir, to stand up for homosexuals and offer them the unadulterated, uncompromised truth of Christ and His Church, that they might find salvation and choose the virtues of chastity and purity. Be their LIGHT not the enforcer of their DARKNESS. Not only are you condemning them by allowing this mockery of Dignity masses, but you are condemning yourself as an evil wolf in shepherd's clothing who cared NOTHING for the lives of the sheep.

How did you come to your position in the Church without believing in HELL, or the doctrines of the faith??? We are the CATHOLIC CHURCH, NOT Protestants free to make up truth as they please. And you, sir, are NOT Pope, and I pray to God, you NEVER are if this is how you treat the beautiful, holy treasures of your Church, casting them into the mud before swine as nothing. This is your present position in allowing this hellish sham to continue. I pray you realize your own great sin, repent, and take the stand a TRUE disciple of Christ needs to take. SAVE US! STOP CONDEMNING US!!!

A TRUE Disciple of Christ..."


  1. I am somewhat at a loss as to how to perceive this woman's letter. She begins by announcing, "I am a gay woman..." Now, what are we to make of such a statement?

    Aside from using a perfectly innocent word ("gay") to describe sexual perversion, what actually is this poor woman announcing? Is she saying, "I am a woman either continually thinking about or actually committing a mortal sin so serious that it will condemn me to hell", or is she saying, "I have this debilitating disease of perversion and I want you to feel sympathy for me"? Or is she trying to convince us that she was "born" a lesbian? I am sorry if this sounds harsh to some ears but simple logic requires that I ask these questions.

    People who parade their mortal sins, whether in a play for sympathy or to ask us to accept the impossible, are really deluding themselves. This poor gal has committed (apparently...we don't know for certain, though the announcement of her "gayness" must raise the suspicion) grievous mortal sins. OK. That is in the past. This is now, and she, being Catholic, has access presumably to the Confessional. Any sin, no matter how awful, can be overcome and forgiven by God. She is the one who will need to walk the walk and get her spiritual house in order, not tell us she is just "that way" and ask us to accept it.

    Statements like hers give me cause for concern because far too many Churchmen are falling for that "sexual orientation" or "same sex attraction" nonsense. And it is nonsense. To be sure, some people are so weak and so fascinated by this perversion (much like cannibalism) that they will allow themselves to be easily tempted and act upon those temptations. They will need more help from the Church and Her Sacraments. We can and should help such people whenever the opportunity arises. But if we start looking for either medical or psychological reasons, and forget about the spiritual, then we do such people no favors.

    To put this into perspective what would we to say to a person who says, "I am a frequent murderess and I wish the Church would stop having special masses for murderers,etc." To ask the question is to answer it. The same response should be directed to those souls being hit with other serious temptations. In any case sinners should probably not be announcing their sins to the world.

  2. I see what you're saying, Aged Parent. However, I just took her to mean that she experiences same-sex attraction, that she knows it's a sin to act on that attraction, and she wishes that the bishops and priests would state that truth plainly and clearly. I don't see her asking for sympathy at all. She's lambasting our shepherds for talking out of both sides of their collective mouth.

  3. Pope Francis just directed that Cardinal O'Brien not be permitted to retire to Dunbar, Scotland at the behest of Arch-Bishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow, Scotland. He is to leave the Country so he can no longer give bad example by his mere presence. After all the scandal & corruption put forth by 'gumbleton' why not send him to retire in Iran just like they did to 'bughini', the corruptor of our Holy Mass ! Weakland, Kiscanas, Hubbard, Mahoney etc., if the homosexual collective is to be defeated in the USA then purge the heretics & solve the problem.

  4. Ha ha, Grey Bear! There's always the re-instituting the papal prison, too! I agree, though; it would be nice if there was some public "come-upance" for these errant bishops and cardinals. It would be good for their own souls if they could admit their wrongdoing and accept the penance assigned, but even if they didn't it would make a point to the faithful to have the Vatican taking some public action - as in the case with O'Brien.


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