Friday, May 17, 2013

"Think About Something Nice"

My mom had little "momisms" for many situations. When I was a child, and I went to her in the middle of the night (or, more likely, wailed from my bed, "Mo-o-o-om!") because I'd had a bad dream, she would often tell me to "just think about something nice" and go back to sleep.

Well, there's so much bad news these days, that the secular world and our Church seem to be giving me bad dreams during my waking hours!

So, taking Mom's advice, I'll think about something nice by posting and watching this video. Hope springs eternal! Yes, he talks about the "crisis in the Church", but there are lots of pretty scenes to suggest a way to resolve that crisis. (It's only 3 minutes - you should watch it!)


  1. Beautiful post and video .....
    Thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well now - that cheered me up.

    I have a Momism, too. Every day after straitening up the house, my mom would fling open the doors and windows and air out the house. Keep in mind, we lived in Minnesota and the temps in the winter were really, really low. Her reason? "You can't heat stale air." I always laughed about this until I found out just recently that it's true. Our moms were pretty smart...

  3. Adrienne - your mom sounds like my mom!


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