Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vericast: "The Hardest-hitting Catholic Podcast"

Here’s another way to fortify yourself with knowledge about the faith, and receive some encouragement and inspiration to share and defend that faith: Vericast Network and Vericast Podcast. I’ll let them introduce themselves; this is from the “About Us” page of their website:

Vericast is the hardest-hitting Catholic podcast on the ‘net. The backbone of the show is Truth (Veritas in Latin), and it’s mission is to inform and empower those who desire to ”Know the truth, Live the truth, and Be the truth”.

Vericast brings you the unadulterated Truth given to us by the Holy Catholic Church; the one authoritative interpreter of sacred scripture, and the boldest, clearest, most correct moral voice in the world.

Vericast is all about boldly, bravely, and proudly communicating the truth. That includes the hard truth, the inelegant, as well as the beautiful truth. It’s the full truth! The truth comes from God. We also come from God. And so the truth is as central to our existence as the air we breathe. But the truth is hard to find these days; marred and masked by a culture lost and confused in moral relativism, and ethical objectivity. The Church, being God’s beacon of truth on earth, stands in defiance of the lies and confusion that plague our culture. Vericast gives voice to the truths of Catholicism. Without compromise.

Shows are broadcast on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. You can find a list of recordings of past shows here; click on one to watch or listen.

There is also a list of instructional videos here. The first one on the list is about “anti-Catholic myths”.  Take a look – this guy is good.

And just who is “this guy”? Actually, it’s a couple of guys, and they run the whole operation out of their own pockets; donations are always appreciated, of course!

Tim Haines
The protagonists are Tim Haines and Wilson Orihuela. See the bio page of the website.

Tim Haines, on his Google profile, says about himself:

"I served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and studied Philosophy (since High School if you consider personal reading). Studied Theology also, but more personal study than formal study. My professional background is in media development and production.”

Wilson Orihuela writes that:

Wilson Orihuela
"I love Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary with all my heart, soul and might. They are the very meaning of my existence and I'm loyal to Christ's Catholic Church till the death of me. St. Michael defend us in battle! God Bless you all."

There’s also a certain Cal Kane, an atheist who joins in for debate and such, I guess. I haven’t watched the show enough to be exposed to him. His Google profile says that his “work” is “Promoting positive atheism and working towards a world where theists and atheists can unite as one in a stand against the evil in this world”. Hmmm. Well, good luck with that last part. I mean, atheism is a source of evil in this world, so I’m not sure how it could be “united” with belief in God to overcome evil…

And Vericast has a blog, too.

So…there you have it. An interesting couple of fellows working hard to defend the One True Faith! It’s nice to know Michael Voris has some company out there in the world of on-line radio/TV type of stuff.

Check it out!


  1. Thanks for the info and I will be sure to check these two guys out !
    Yes Michael Voris has company now and I am glad to see and hear that we are not the only ones ON FIRE with the Holy Ghost and desire the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH I must go and listen and learn and LIVE THE TRUTH!

  2. I am on ....
    Looks likes this is going to be another FIRED UP site to learn , live and proclaim the TRUTH !
    Thanks again !!!!

  3. Yes, Jeannie - check it out! And let me know what you think. I told the Vericast guys that I had posted this info, and they were grateful because it is so hard to get "known". So if you like what you see, please spread the word!


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