Saturday, May 4, 2013

Comic Relief with Michael Voris

I don’t know about you, but I could use a little comic relief.  

And guess what! I just happen to have three funny things to share with you!

First, there’s yesterday’s (Friday, May 3) episode of the Vortex…er…Boretex, this time around. Michael Voris starts off a little differently, saying

Hello everyone and welcome to the Boretex , where lies and falsehoods are... well… largely ignored and dismissed… brought to you, by the way, by the Church of Nice.

Now, let’s get some things straight: we must simply have an end to all division. Period. Division is an intrinsic evil. We can never disagree on anything, lest we become judgmental, and commit the only mortal sin God really cares about: hurting someone else’s feelings.

But for those mean nasty uncharitable feelings hurting people out there committing such mortal sins: no need to worry, because, well no one REALLY goes to hell anymore… if they ever did… compliments of the Church of Nice.

Now that we are all nice and non-divisive and sweet, what can we talk about?

I’ll let you watch the rest on your own – 5 minutes of fun just for you!

Next, there’s this humorous oldie-but-goodie from Acts of the Apostasy blog, which pokes a little fun at an anti-Voris blogger who once upon a time put forth the theory that Michael Voris is secretly an Opus Dei priest. Yep. And the ChurchMilitant.TV studio is really an Opus Dei chapel. All righty, then. Larry D’s satire is hilarious on this – go, read it, and laugh. It’ll be good for you.

And finally…this recently discovered caricature of Michael Voris in the early days of his career found its way into my email inbox:

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  1. This was GREAT...
    I needed a good laugh and chuckle this morning .
    Thanks so much!
    Michale Voris again hits the nail dead on!


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