You may scroll down for a list of the liturgy posts on this blog, but I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce my book, Zeal For Thy House: Suffering Through Mass. The book is a compilation of many of the liturgy posts on this blog; also included are a couple of articles of mine that were published in Homiletic and Pastoral Review. The posts are organized according to topic rather than in chronological order.

It's available on Amazon in both paperback book and Kindle versions. For a substantial discount, order directly from CreateSpace and use discount codeN2PCUWJV.

Here is the description of the book:

Dr. Jay Boyd’s "Zeal for Thy House" is a collection of essays about the Mass, written for those who have experienced the pain of "bad liturgy". The essays appeared first as posts on “Philothea on Phire” blog during 2011-2013, and are a product of Dr. Boyd’s frustration with the liturgical abuse and the general irreverence she often witnessed at Mass. The essays present a reasoned and logical approach to why God cares about how we “do liturgy”, and why we should try to follow the mind of the Church where liturgy is concerned. The book contains sections entitled: “Liturgical Abuse”; “The Novus Ordo”; “The Music at Mass”; and “The Extraordinary Form of the Mass”.

But lest anyone be driven to despair over the state of the Catholic Mass, each section also includes "Glimmers of Hope", and the Epilogue reminds us that "Hope Springs Eternal". The battles to restore reverence and awe to the liturgy, and to reinstate the extraordinary form of the Mass, are tough ones to fight. Yet, it is our duty and responsibility to do so, for the good of the Church! In this book, Dr. Boyd attempts to provide tradition-minded faithful Catholics with "ammunition" for the fight, while providing some perspective on positive developments regarding the state of the liturgy as well.

Of course you are welcome to read each post here on the blog as well!

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