Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Church Militant Website!

Another random update...

Image result for Church Militant serving catholicsHave you seen the new Church Militant website? It's no longer ChurchMilitant.TV, but! It's really a class act, and packed with news and information. Don't forget to sign up for a premium account ($10 per month).

Go now! Check it out:  You'll find the Vortex, of course, as well as news headlines, and lots more. When you view the Vortex, you now see the script printed out right below the video, so you can read along, or read alone if you prefer.

On the latest "Mic'd Up", Voris and crew gave an overview of the website - you can watch it here

And...I am pleased to announce that I am listed as one of the "Contributing Writers"! I consider this quite an honor. I have an article there now, entitled "God Loves Sex" (not - read the article!). I hope to have other articles there in the future.

Also, there's currently an update on Fr. Matthew Despard, about whom I've written before - he's the Scottish priest who blew the whistle on the homosexual priest scandal there in his e-book Priesthood in Crisis. (The Kindle book was removed from Amazon in the UK, but is still available in the US.)