Monday, November 2, 2015

A New Focus: Resistance

Today's (November 2, 2015) Vortex is different.

There's no pencil-twirling, and no Vortex music.

It's an important message, and you should watch. 

Occasionally, I'm tempted to jump back into the fray and start blogging again, but I can't go there. What I think or write isn't all that important to anyone, really. What IS important is the faith. Now more than ever we need to know our faith.

One way to gain that knowledge is to watch the other programming on Church Militant - not just the Vortex. There are many good programs, old and new. They are worth watching. (My current favorite is "Houses Built on Sand", which is all about heresies that have come and gone and come again in the Church.) 

Sign up for a premium account with Church Militant. Support the Church Militant Apostolate...even if you don't like MV's hair. He's hitting the nail on the head, and he knows what he's talking about.