Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vortex Breaking News and Special Report: Rome Gay Clergy

I just got word of this "breaking news" report as of 10:20am. 

Update: This story says the Vatican is denying the allegations.

Here's the updated Special Report from ChurchMilitant.TV:

Update: There’s an insightful article on this Rorate Caeli – follow the link to read the whole thing. Here are a couple of paragraphs which I find interesting, especially in light of the news I’ve seen that the Vatican is denying the charges. All emphases are mine.

…Why is pedophilia a crime and homosexuality a right? The answer is simple. For the pseudo-relativist culture, that which renders pedophilia a crime is not its moral disorder, but the fact that the acts against nature are done harming minors.  

The reference is not to the moral law, but to the unlimited self-determination of the individual.

Pedophilia violates the rights of minors, while homosexuality affirms those of adults. Pedophile priests and homosexual priests in reality, appear to form the same “lobby” that is why they drink from the same libertarian, pansexual ideology, which has also penetrated inside the Church over the last fifty years.

The behavior of certain ecclesiastical authorities confronted with scandals of this sort is astounding. When they learn of the existence of an immoral situation in a parish, in a college, in a seminary, they do not proceed to verify the truth, remove the guilty party and eliminate the filth, but manifest annoyance, if not reprobation towards those that have denounced the evil, and, in the best of cases, they limit themselves by taking into consideration that which may interest civil justice, for fear of being involved in judicial matters. They are silent about that which has purely a moral and canonical significance. The slogan could be “zero tolerance” for the pedophiles, “maximum tolerance” for homosexuals. The latter continue unperturbedly to occupy their places as parish priests, bishops, rectors of Colleges, forming that “homo-mafia” which Pope Francis defines as the “gay lobby.”

This is evident in the case of Fr. Matthew Despard’s book alleging the existence of a homosexual lobby amongst the Scottish clergy. The “gay lobby” in the Church – just like the “gay lobby” in the secular politics – is far from tolerant, and will take extreme measures to avoid exposure of the corruption.

I think it’s good that this is coming into the light of day. The emperor has no clothes, and there’s and elephant in the living room, and it’s time to deal with those issue.


  1. A smaller but better Church is in our future. Time for a big housecleaning

  2. Just saw this at Rorate Caeli and was going to email you. You're way ahead of me. I had heard rumors of this years ago. Ugly, ugly, ugly...

  3. Thanks to all who alerted me to this story!

  4. breaking news = heart breaking news

  5. Yes, Brother Juniper, it is heart-breaking. But still, it's about time the truth was really exposed. There have been these kinds of rumors for decades. Just recently there was the expose of a website for homosexual priests - and it does exist. We can't begin to fix the problems in the Church until we admit those problems are real.

  6. The report for the Legionaries of Christ was also mentioned a couple of days ago. I wonder if it is related. The founder, Marcial Maciel, used to tell the Regnum Christi people that he was protected within the Vatican. So we know it has been going on for years. One of his "friends" is still around, his name is mentioned often.. When are we going to get rid of these dangerous priests? Let's hope it happens soon.


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