Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Calling Out the Catholic Media: CMTV Special Report

Update: Check out this blog - another good commentary on this issue.

Here’s another very hard-hitting special report from ChurchMilitant.TV, following up on the special report on the “gay Vatican” from the other day.

Really, you should watch the whole video, embedded below. Here’s an excerpt from the script to whet your appetite. Michael Voris calls out the Catholic media.

See, it’s actually very simple. When you tune in to big name Catholic TV outlets or radio shows with big name professional Catholics, or go to official church sponsored men’s conferences or women’s conferences with the usual Catholic speaking tour names on the marquee, you hear all kinds of great things and solid talks about the teachings of the Church; but you won’t hear a word breathed about the real problems.

That’s because if they open their mouths about these other problems, they will be disinvited, their books won’t be published, their articles will be pulled from official Catholic papers and they will be off the air faster than a bull of excommunication could be promulgated.

In short, they won’t tell you the truth because they are too cowardly to pay the personal financial cost.

So they blather on about how rotten Obama is and the Culture of Death ad infinitum. They will say things about Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi – things that are true by the way – but they will never finish the thought; they will never say, “WHY ARE these people allowed to continue on as though they are Catholics in good standing?”.

Every serious Catholic already knows Obama is evil, the Culture of Death is winning, the homosexual agenda is on the march everywhere. We already know that –stop telling us. Talk about WHY.  Talk about HOW.

See, what they don’t tell you is HOW and WHY of Obama getting elected: a majority of Catholics voted for him. The WHY and HOW those conditions came to be in the Church where a majority of Catholics happily go and vote for this agent of evil and all his henchmen.

What are the conditions in the Church that have CAUSED this to be the case? This, they will NEVER BREATH A WORD ABOUT because they are hypocrites. They KNOW beyond a doubt that there is massive failing of faith on the part of leaders in the Church, but they won’t touch THAT topic with a ten foot pole. They will happily hide behind such lofty and noble sounding defenses like, “we don’t want to cause division and talking about these things brings about division”.


The division is already there, in spades. Over half of the nearly 70 million baptized Catholics in America have divided themselves from the Church. To talk about that isn’t CAUSING division; it’s trying to understand it so it can be solved.

But the Catholic media types take their cues from many of the bishops who drank the Koolaid decades ago when they were seminarians or baby priests of a vision of the Church where we are all nice and friendly and never say anything  challenging or offensive. Keep the machine grinding along. Collect millions of dollars. And never say anything offensive.

These Catholic media personalities and the people behind them know there has been a massive infiltration of homosexual activists in the Church and chanceries and episcopate. And they deliberately say nothing to you because they don’t want to fall out of favor with bishops and cardinals which translates into a loss of income for them.

And more than that, they go after reliable Catholics who tell you the whole truth, because these reliable sources of information know that the only way to change evil is to expose it.

See the full script here.


  1. I'm so far behind on my Voris vids. I "heart" Michael and simply do not understand people's antipathy toward him. Silly me - of course I understand.

  2. It's raining today (yay!) so.........after doing some worthy work, maybe it will be a good time to catch up.

  3. Adrienne
    Those of us who actually recognize and support the truth admire Michael. Those in denial or who worship false gods detest him. Pouring here too. Lots of time to kick back and most likely tap a nap :)
    Dr. Jay's other half

  4. Yes, Adrienne, catch up on the MV vids! Be sure to catch the special report on the "gay Vatican" from the other day. Michael Voris is always a boost for me. Sometimes I sorry there's no Vortex on the weekends!

  5. I am right there with you Dr. Jay ....Michael Voris once again "nails it" and always tells it like it should be told, THE TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH! So Michael Voris 24/7 would be a shot in the arm for sure!

    Now that I am on VERTICAST also with Tim Hainnes and his side kick Wilson ( can't remember the last name) I am all fired up and ready for my daily each and every day .
    St. Michael the Archangel pray for us!
    God Bless everyone on this blog and especially Drt. Jay you too are a bright and burning light ...I am thankful for you and this great blog! I am constantly learning ......


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