Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Archbishop Sample at the Colloquium

Jeffrey Tucker and Archbishop Sample
at the Colloquium
(photo stolen from Chant Cafe)
UPDATE: See photos at NLM blog. Listen to Archbishop Sample's talk here. See video interview embedded below. My transcription of the talk can be found here.
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Archbishop Alexander Sample is at the Sacred Music Colloquium in Salt Lake City. 

I am told he just finished speaking a short time ago.

A text message from someone I know who is attending the Colloquium said, " Schazaaam!!!"

This was followed by almost immediately by a subsequent message which said:

"Just came from Abp Sample's talk on the Sacred Liturgy. Good thing you weren't here."

Well... Of course, I inquired, "Why?"

The message came back:

"It was held in the Cathedral. I was in tears. Msgr Wadsworth told him that people like him had waited a lifetime to hear those word.

"It would have been all I could do to keep you from jumping up on the pews, shouting 'AMEN, BROTHER, PREACH IT!!!!'"

Perhaps that says more about me than it does about Archbishop Sample's talk, but it's all I've go for now!

I'm sure we'll hear more soon.

UPDATE: Here's an interview from Chant Cafe:


  1. Dr. Jay, I tried to listen but the sound was not good. Hope that more will be released. I have heard the AB give two homilies and they leave you uplifted. I would love to hear what he had to say.


  2. Bill, I had trouble with the audio on the video interview, but the audio of his talk wasn't too bad on my computer. I'm hoping they'll post a transcript. In the meantime, I'll be listening closely to his talk and jotting down some notes so I can write a post about what he had to say.


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