Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tim Haines of Vericast: Wake Up, Catholics!

I wrote about Vericast and Tim Haines here. He's been on ChurchMilitant.TV's "Mic'd Up" show with Michael Voris, and Michael Voris has been on Tim's show.

Take 5 minutes to listen to what he has to say. No holds barred for this guy!


  1. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!
    This guy is on FIRE and tells it like it is .
    I want to send this to every friend , family ,priest, Bishop, Cardinal even our beloved Pope Francis because I am telling you if WE do not get serious and LIVE OUR FAITH,STAND UP for our FAITH and SPEAK THE TRUTH who will !!!!!!
    What we we say when we stand before the good God ....we are called to be soldiers for Christ ...let us be just that ...ready for combat, I AM because the good God calls me to Live and porclaim the TRUTH daily!

  2. Yep My kind og guy also ...thanks be to God !
    Can someone tell me how to send this out ...like forward this too some friends !
    Your help is most appreciated !
    To God be the Glory!

  3. Jeanne, ther's a couple of ways you can share this; one way is to just share the link to my post. To share just the video, start it playing and you'll see the little you tube thingy on the bottom right. Click there to play it at you tube. Below the video on you tube, you'll see a "share" button. Click that for various options for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much !
    I will pass this on !!!!!!!!!!!!
    This helps me out !

  5. Let's get fired UP!

    Get REAL.

    Despite some laudable points, not sure who the intended audience is for this militant message. Many of the "Catholics" in the US likely have no idea what this guy is talking about and don't care. The Catholic Church in today's USA is a "don't ask, don't tell" church or rather, "don't tell, don't ask-you're on your own". That's why Cardinal Dolan is such a major leader today. The Catholic Church in the USA is afraid that if they educate the people about what Catholics really (are supposed to) believe, everyone will leave (and become Episcopalians or agnostic or both).

    In my opinion, most of the Catholics in the USA today are not really Catholic and that includes the clergy too. The "Catholic" universities are a good example of this. Shall we also mention "Catholic" healthcare?

    The "Catholic" church in the USA today consists of:
    * the remnant (pre-V2)
    * the ignorant sheep (most mainstream church goers)
    * the apathetic (spiritually insured)
    * the Liberal Left (Church=Communism).

    Read the Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Micah, etc) to see that things haven't really changed in centuries, perhaps millenia. Imagine how much worse it would be if Jesus had not come.

    1. "not sure who the intended audience is for this militant message"
      Sounds like its intended for people who call themselves Catholic but act like they only come to church for free air conditioning. They take communion but undermine the magisterium with what they say and how they live and what they support. This was great. Thanks for posting

  6. fRED, he'd talking to the remnant, and I think he did "get real". All your points are pretty much true... which is why we need a guy like Tim Haines and a guy like Michael Voris. The faithful Catholics are scattered far and wide, so the internet is about all that can really connect like-minded Catholics (that's true for me, at least, living a rather isolated Catholic existence in Eastern Oregon). Personally, I do get "fired up" when I listen to this type of message. I need encouragement to keep fighting the fight. After all, the gates of hell will not prevail...but we're still going to have to fight real, real hard.

  7. And "if we annoy people, blessed be the Lord."

  8. So TRUE Dr. Jay ....
    we need to hear from the likes of Tim Haines and Michael Voris ...and I am on fire with Tim Haines and all that he said in this video clip ....
    Michael Voris is also a BURNING LAMP in our midst .....I applaud his direct approach as I do Tim's ....may God Bless them both.
    I am very blessed to be able to attend the Traditional Latin Mass in my area ...thanks be to God ! The Church is in crisis but we all know who wins ....GOD WINS ...yes Dr. Jay the Gates od Hell will not prevail against her .....

  9. Finally, someone who is true to the teachings of the church, tells it like it is, and is not afraid to do it


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