Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yes, They Did: St. Andrew's In Portland Gay Pride Parade

They said they would, and I doubt anyone is surprised they did.  

The above photo is from the OregonLive website. The caption OregonLive supplied says:
PORTLAND, OREGON - June 16, 2013 - Parishioners from St. Andrew's Catholic Church march in the 2013 Portland Pride Parade in Portland on Sunday. The Archbishop Alexander K. Sample discouraged parishioners from marching with signs bearing the parish's name, but the group stood by their 17-year commitment to Portland's gay community. Molly J. Smith/The Oregonian 
 Of course, in typical double-speak, the dissenters said that they weren't really being disobedient in their disobedience. They were "following their conscience" - which appears to be malformed. 

I think many of the faithful will be watching to see what the consequences will be. Please pray for Archbishop Sample, that he will be holy and heroic in his defense of the faith.

See also "The Battle Begins In Portland".

A commenter suggested that I write a letter of support to the Archbishop. Good idea! And anyone else can do the same. The address of the archdiocese is:

Archdiocese of Portland
2838 East Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97214-1895

The email address given as their contact address is bbunce@archdpdx.org  (Bud Bunce is the Director of Communications for the Archdiocese)

Here's the archdiocesan website: http://www.archdpdx.org

This announcement appears on the archdiocesan home page:
While on the pilgrimage to the Vatican to receive the pallium, Archbishop Sample will keep in touch with Catholics of the Archdiocese of Portland via social media - Twitter and Facebook - beginning June 23 


  1. Dr. Boyd, I think it's time you write to the Chancery in support of this bishop, but lambasting the St. Andrew's community for their willfull disobedience, and CC the letter to the Apostolic Nuncio for the USA. This is a dire abomination and clearly these people refuse to obey the Lord and His Church. They were warned and they are disobedient to +Sample, thus WILLFULLY not doing this out of their "conscience" but to spite the bishop and be pro-homosexual.

  2. Good idea, Julian Barkin! I have added the contact information in the post. I encourage others to send letters of support, too.

  3. I have thought, of late, that I could no longer be shocked. I was wrong. This activity is wrong, misguided, ignorant and in grave error of Church teaching on matters of conscience.

  4. I wrote a letter to Abp. Vlazny a few years back concerning the pro-homo links St. Andrews had on their website. Within a few months, it was corrected, the links/photos deleted. Now, it looks like they really haven't embraced the faith and morals of the Church at all. The buck stops with Msgr. Leinert though, if he is still there.


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