Friday, March 15, 2013

Vortex: The Pope Needs YOU!

Many good points covered in this one!

The script:

We’re coming to you from the Cleveland Ohio, Right to Life Symposium where a sold out conference of pro-lifers are attending conferences and mapping out strategies to fight the evil of abortion.

But most importantly – this Vortex is a shout out to all faithful Catholics. The Pope NEEDS you! That’s right. The Holy Father is in need of an army of people who want to be saints.

It can’t be said any more plainly than that.

As we know from Sacred Scripture, the army doesn’t even have to that big – just a division or two will probably do – but it must be fiercely loyal. Loyal to Peter. Loyal to the one and only Church established by Jesus Christ. Loyal to the fullness of the truth. Period.

At an event like this, where very well-intentioned people – supporters of life and devoted to God – gather to support one another, a horrible reality is having to be faced. And it’s even more horrible than abortion itself…because abortion is just a symptom of the horrible reality. The reality is that TRUTH itself has been obscured.

Truth – objective truth – once pushed aside, leads to all manner of evil… because truth is then treated subjectively, as in my truth vs. your truth.

This is the prevailing predominant reality of our day – what Pope Benedict rightly called the tyranny of relativism.

Only one institution on the earth can effectively fight against the tyranny of relativism… and that is The Church established by Jesus Christ to be the bulwark against evil; and THAT church is the One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church built on Peter and his successors.

The world, more than laws and programs and political strategies to fight against evil, needs acceptance of THE truth. There is only ONE truth. There are not multiple truths any more than there are multiple correct answers to the equation what does 3 + 4 equal? Truth is ONE. And it is preached in its fullness by the Catholic Church, PERIOD and the truth of the Church, the faith of that Church is preserved in the office of Peter.

No lone man can do what needs to be done, so the Pope needs YOU. So here is the challenge, particularly if you are young: what are you going to do to help the new Pope fight the evil of modern day?

Sure – you will immerse yourself in the faith, learn and keep learning about it – but what price are you prepared to pay?

Love of Peter is love of the Church he presides over; and love of that Church IS love of Christ – whose mystical body the Church is – as St. Paul reminds us in his Epistles.

So, beyond learning and reading – what sacrifice are you willing to make? What legitimate pleasures of this earthly life are you willing to forgo – time, money, effort?

The world will never embrace Christ, not even when he returns as judge on the clouds of heaven; he will be cursed by those damned souls freefalling into Hell.

But SOME of the world will embrace him and it is your duty, your obligation as one who has embraced him, to reach out and save whoever you can – to bring the light of the AUTHENTIC gospel to them – the gospel as compiled and preached by the Catholic Church – not a man-made, watered-down version of it.

Truth is all-glorious, all radiant. And it is its nature to shine forth. There is no such thing as a partial sunrise, and there is no such thing as partial truth. Partial truth is a lie, and it has been the major weapon of choice of the diabolical since he first slithered into the Garden.

So…new Pope, new challenge, new times. But same old question to all of us – what will YOU do? The Pope needs help. Time to step up.

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