Monday, March 4, 2013

I'll Be on the Radio Tuesday March 5

Tuesday, March 5, I’m going to be interviewed on Radio Maria by Dr. Steve Koob of One More Soul.

Dr. Koob’s show is called “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America”. Here's the "promo" message from One More Soul: 

Dear One More Soul and Radio Maria Friends,

Natural Family Planning (NFP) or "periodic abstinence" is approved by the Catholic Church for use by married couples with serious or just reasons for spacing children. Many dioceses and priests now require that couples preparing for marriage receive some instruction on NFP--even a full course in some cases. Other dioceses provide only minimal support for NFP.

NFP advocates (teaching organizations and couples who use NFP) report wonderful benefits from NFP use--monthly honeymoon, great communication, very low divorce rate, and a family planning approach (even way of life) that is healthy, inexpensive, and moral. So why is the nationwide Catholic NFP reported use rate only 0.2% (2 couples/1000)? Is it really "natural" for married couples to abstain from the marital embrace, especially when female libido is peaked? Are there problems with NFP that should be surfaced and discussed?

Dr Jay Boyd has thought and written extensively about NFP on her blog--"Philothea On Phire" which provided abundant material for her recently self-published (Amazon) book, Natural Family Planning: Trojan Horse in the Catholic Bedroom? Dr Boyd, Ph.D. (Developmental Psychology), is a 10-year young convert to the Church, married and the mother of two. Her personal journey is amazing.
Dr Jay has graciously agreed to be our Guest and I am really looking forward to our time with her. PLEASE join us on air or on the world wide .

Check out Steve Koob's blog; and here's a video for some background on Steve Koob:


  1. I just went to and on the page is a big "Listen Live" button that, if selected, launches Windows Media Player and plays the live stream.

  2. Hmm. I did the same. I'll ask for further instructions about how to listen!

  3. Hope it works. I'm looking forward to listening. Don't break a leg ! Thumbs up !


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