Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vortex: The Media, The Church, and The Agenda

Another good Vortex from yesterday, March 25.

I’ve presented some excerpts from the script; you can read the entire script here.

It’s always a wonder, nearly stupefying, how much ink is spilled and bytes exchanged in the digital world over any news about the Catholic Church.

And why is that? You almost never hear anything at all about the Baptists Church did this, or the Evangelical Council of whatever said that. But boy oh boy, the Catholic Church does ONE thing, and a swarm of media descend to cover it, report it, distort it, spin it, and so forth.

Why? Why does the media care SO MUCH about what happens with the Catholic Church…?

 …[W]hy continually talk about the Catholic Church while at the same time practically NEVER reporting on and virtually ignoring any other religion here in America? The majority of their audience is Protestant. The majority of them – the reporters and producers – are Protestant or at least not Catholic, so why the constant attention and discussion and non-stop talking heads chatter about the Pope or the Vatican and so forth?

Most of the coverage is either innocently incorrect or purposely distorted. So why the constant blabber? Could it be an effort to ASSURE irrelevancy? An effort to make the Church look bad, out of touch, out of date?

Well, sure it is. But why? If the Church is so out of date and out of touch and no one cares about – why report on it at all?

It is because the Catholic Church is founded on the Rock, and will not yield or bend or disintegrate or take one step back from truth. She will never give in – ever – and because of this She draws down upon Herself the real-world equivalent of the Eye of Mordor.

The world and its values , expressed through the media, hate the Catholic Church. Our Lord told us they would, so no great news there. But what Catholics must learn from all of this attention is the simple lesson that even the enemies of Christ admit His sovereignty – if even in a grudging way – by their nonstop attention…even if most of it is negative.

Our Blessed Lord established one Church – the Catholic Church. It, and it alone, has been fashioned by God to be the bulwark against evil because only it has the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and ability to save, that outside of which there is no salvation.

Without admitting it – or even knowing it – even the media testifies to it.

And I would add that this use of the media to focus on and attempt to discredit the Catholic Church comes out of the playbook of the Socialist/Communist agenda. I think it’s probably in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. The radical socialist/communist agenda is Satan-driven – hence the acknowledgement of and hatred for the Catholic Church.

If you haven’t watched this video before, I challenge you to do so soon...maybe after Holy Week. It’s an eye-opener. And no, I am not wearing a tin hat. The title is "Agenda: The Grinding Down of America". It's not produced by Catholics, so it doesn't address the Church as a target, but you'll get the point. Watch it here.

That little descriptor at the top says that "It's not just another conspiracy theory". The film's creator, Curtis Bowers (former Idaho state representative), explains that a conspiracy is something planned in secret. The Marxist/Communist movement, on the other hand, has always been very public about their plans; their goals are on public display in many books of their own writing. That's why Bowers calls it an "agenda" - it's a list of things to be accomplished.

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