Thursday, March 7, 2013

An Atheist "Gets It", and "The New Pope"

This is so great! An ATHEIST explains just exactly what is wrong with a fallen-away Catholic's reasoning! Penn Jillette "gets it" better than alleged Catholic Piers Morgan! (Okay, Morgan seems pretty clueless on a good day, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised!)

Next up, "Lie Witness News" asks people "What do you think of the new pope?" Never mind that we don't have one yet!


  1. The atheist pretty good on this one,and this man on the street thing has to be scripted doesn't it. It's funny.

  2. I was somewhat skeptical before watching Penn, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. I will offer up my Rosary for him tonight (OK, Piers too!).

  3. As you may recall, I am a former RC who is something of a Deist (not quite sure how to label my position). But this exchange between a self-proclaimed RC, Piers Morgan and atheist Penn Jillette is a reasonable example of why I find it difficult to want to return to the RC Church: there are so many ill informed RCs with a wide-range of beliefs (that border on heresy); on the other hand, PJ has a much more accurate understanding of the RCism despite not being a member. So which is better, to be a misinformed "practicing" RC or a one who has chosen not to participate b/c they cannot in good conscience go along with the beliefs. Robert M. Price reports that he still attends Episcopal Church services because he enjoys the ritual despite being agnostic/atheist.

    My comments are not so much a position or argument but rather a dilemma. Rather like going to confession/sacrement of reconcilation but not really being sorry about the sins (other than the guilt) and not really intending to change.

    I'm not ambivalent or apathetic about God; I am seeking God and the RC Church in the USA today is too overgrown with weeds/tares for me to find the fruit. My only hope is to trust that as long as I seek, God will direct me to where he wants me to end up. Providentialism I guess.

  4. God is already directing you. He's made it pretty clear that there is One True Faith, no matter how poorly many of its members understand or practice it. "The gates of Hell shall not prevail" against the Church. If you are seeking God, He is to be found in the Church, since the Church was instituted by His Son. Push the weeds and tares aside. The Fruit (that is, Jesus hanging on the "tree" of the Cross)is there; always has been, always will be.

  5. Penn should lead RCIA classes! And Piers Morgan should make a point of attending his classes.


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