Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vortex: The Liberal Legacy

Pray for Pope Francis I
There is some very telling information in this episode of the Vortex. More and more, it seems to me, the truth is being told about the division within the Church, and the sad dilution and diminution of the faith that has been going on for decades – and seems to be accelerating in recent years.

Michael Voris refers to an article in the New York Times – go here to read the whole thing, which is entitled “US Catholics in Poll See a Church Out of Touch”.  To me, it seems that the US Catholics who participated in the poll are the ones who are out of touch! The Church teaches Truth, not the moral relativism that our culture has embraced.

Besides the quote Voris uses in the Vortex, here’s another excerpt from the article that is very disconcerting (my emphases):

On every other hotly debated issue, Catholics wanted the next pope to lead the church in an about-face. Seven of 10 Catholics polled said the next pope should let priests marry, let women become priests and allow the use of artificial methods of birth control. Nine of 10 said they wanted the next pope to allow the use of condoms to prevent the spread of H.I.V. and other diseases.

Sixty-two percent of Catholics said they were in favor of legalizing marriage for same-sex couples. Catholics approved of same-sex marriage at a higher rate than Americans as a whole, among whom 53 percent approved.

We must pray, pray, pray for our new Holy Father! 

Here’s the Vortex (dated 3/14/13), with the script below.

The script:

What type of Church will the new Pope inherit? One that is decidedly less faithful all across the board.

Two generations ago, it was a safe bet that most Catholics went to Mass and generally followed the Church’s teaching – the phenomenon was referred to as Pray, Pay and Obey.

Then in the last generation it became more the case that only the weekly Mass-goers could be counted on to pray, pay, and obey.

This generation – things have deteriorated even further. Even weekly Mass attendees – the Catholics who are supposed to be the most faithful – even this crowd is shifting into rebellion, even as their numbers continue to shrink.

A recent CBS News/New York Times Poll reveals that all we here at ChurchMilitant.TV and many others have been saying for years now is true, that there is a ROT – almost beyond description in the Church and the next Pope will have to confront it almost from the very moment he steps out onto the balcony.

To quote from the article – which we’ve attached as a link:

…the poll indicated that the church’s hierarchy had lost the confidence and allegiance of many American Catholics, an intensification of a long-term trend…Many feel that the bishops and cardinals do not understand their lives.

Even Catholics who frequently attend Mass said they were not following the bishops’ lead on issues that the church had recently invested much energy, money and credibility in fighting — artificial birth control and same-sex marriage.

Eric O’Leary, 38, a funeral director in Des Moines who attends Mass weekly, said: “I would like them not to be so quick to condemn people because of their sexual preference or because of abortion, or to refuse priests the right to get married or women to be priests. I don’t think the church should get involved in whether or not people use birth control.”

The poll suggested that the papacy no longer occupies the exalted position it once did.

Asked whether the pope is infallible when he teaches on matters of morality and faith, 40 percent said yes, 46 percent said no, and 14 percent said they did not know. Nearly 8 in 10 Catholics polled said they would be more likely to follow their conscience on “difficult moral questions” than to follow the pope’s teachings.”

What has visibly happened in the past 40-50 years is the greatest diminution of the
Church in its 2000 years of sacred history and this was not by accident. The faith has been eviscerated by modernists and liberals within the Church who have worked tirelessly for this result.

This is what they have WANTED. They have fought for this. Agitated long and hard for
it. And they have achieved it with epic success.

Even those in the pews – again the few that are left – huge numbers of THEM no longer believe what the Church is.

This has happened because the modernists in the Church were able to join forces with church leaders who were asleep at the switch .. or in some cases consciously in league with these traitors.

No one can conceivably think this is not the greatest crisis the Church has ever undergone. Even in the days of the Empire, during the heat of the persecutions, people were coming to the faith willing to live and die for it.

Enough eventually came over to the faith that the Empire itself was converted. Pity and pray for the souls of the men who allowed this to happen and even encouraged it.

And pity and pray for the souls who were participants in this by our willful cooperation in sin.

God have mercy on us all and give us the Pope we need.


  1. I'm in total agreement that our Church is in dire straits, major crisis. No debate there from me.

    But some of the numbers quoted, i.e., 8 out of 10 Catholics.....62% of Catholics..... I just have to wonder (maybe I'm being naive:)) if these figures reflect Roman Catholics who are actually Roman Catholics, that attend Mass at least once a week or are these figures representing any person who calls themselves a catholic but never actually attends Mass. I use that as an example because the Mass attendance seems to be a qualifier, and a good one, in a lot of polls I've seen over the years.

  2. I know what you mean, Elizabeth; usually we see polls saying that weekly Mass attendance correlates with greater fidelity to Church teaching. My own personal experience, though, is that there are many Catholics who attend Mass every Sunday, but still don't understand or agree with all the teachings of the Church. Heck, in my own backyard there is a deacon and a DRE who both disagree with Church teaching on contraception and homosexuality. With "leaders" like that in a parish, it's not really unexpected that even weekly-Mass attendees are beginning to show signs of infidelity.

    1. "Heck, in my own backyard there is a deacon and a DRE who both disagree with Church teaching on contraception and homosexuality."

      This reminds me of a story, Dr. Jay. An aquaintance of mine sponsored her B-I-L for RCIA back in the late 1990s.

      You know the drill. Sit in a circle during the sessions (after Mass) and talk about what the Sunday readings mean to you...that was about it as far as the so-called catechesis on faith, morals, discipline and liturgy was concerned.

      After the Easter Vigil Mass for the reception of the candidates the pastor came up to my friend and asked, "So, what do you think about the RCIA process and the candidates?" She replied, "Father, I think you have seven fine new Protestants in your parish!" He shook his head and walked away.

      *This* is a snapshot of your average parish. (with fine exceptions, TBTG!) De facto Protestants "teaching" other RCIA candidates to be Protestants themselves.




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