Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vortex: New Pope, Cardinals, TLM

Be sure to watch these episodes of the Vortex!

From Monday, March 4:

From Tuesday, March 5:

My cardinal is Odilo Pedro Scherer, from Brazil, born 1949-9-21.
He's been a Cardinal since 2007-11-24 and he is the Archbishop of São Paulo, Brazil

And finally, this Vortex episode is from 2010, but it's a nice review of why we need the extraordinary form of the Mass!


  1. I have my Cardinal to pray for:
    Cardinal Jean-Baptiste Pham Minh Man
    from Vietnam , never heard of him !
    Many prayers for him and for all the Cardinals attedning the Conclave and the Election of the Next Pope : to God be the Glory!
    All 3 episodes by Michael Voris were EXCELLENT: thank God for the VORTEX and for the Traditional Latin Mass .

  2. With my luck I'd get that monster, Wuerl.

    But I have been doing my little bit nonetheless and will keep on doing it during this Month of St Joseph.

  3. Ha! All the more graces to you if you did get Wuerl and prayed sincerely for the salvation of his soul!

  4. My Cardinal is ++ Carlo Caffarra ,Italy, + Bologna. Praying fervently.

  5. :) I have Cardinal Francis George from Chicago.


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