Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vortex: The Church Must Send Satan Back to Hell

Here's yesterday's (April 26) Vortex - another good one!

The script (my emphases):

We are in front of the Wagga Cathedral, dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel.

It’s time to take the gloves off and come out swinging. Satan hates the Catholic Church.
Always has. His sole mission is its destruction. Again, he HATES it.

Why? Because no other institution or organization or faith or religion has the means of salvation. They are ALL man made and do not have the power to save. This includes not only other religions, but governments, social help programs, social justice efforts and anything else conjured up in the mind of man.

Jesus Christ establishes the Catholic Church ALONE to be the bulwark against evil – to be the ONE body which is commissioned to battle evil until the end of the world. Period.
That’s why Satan detests it with a burning passion that the human mind on this side of death simply cannot conceive of.

How does Satan actively go about attacking the Catholic Church? Well, just as Our Blessed Lord has disciples, so too does Satan. We don’t think in these terms very often, and certainly not often enough to correspond to the reality, but it is most assuredly true – Satan has disciples.

Anyone in a state of mortal sin is an agent of Satan. They do not possess within themselves the Holy Trinity, they lack the indwelling of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Such a person is in darkness and therefore can be led anywhere into anything and it is Satan doing the leading. He keeps a person in mortal sin in darkness, clouds the intellect, and smothers them in pleasures to keep them content so they will not seek a way out of their sin. They become a tool of his, a prisoner, a slave to do his bidding. And if they die in that state, they descend to the infernal regions from which there is never any respite from its horrors.

So the devil makes use of such people while they are on earth and his control. He does not CONTROL their free will, but he is able to suggest things to them to which they CHOOSE to offer little or no resistance.

Thus they become quite pliable in his hands, in just the same manner that a soul in a state of grace and seeking further sanctification becomes like clay in a potter’s hand when the potter is Our Heavenly Father. We desire to be sculpted.

And what does Satan use his human minions for? His sole goal of destroying the Catholic Church. He has worked enormous wreckage and destruction in the Church in the 20th century.

His actions, through his human agents, have resulted in a worldwide apostasy – a rejection of almost anything and everything sacred. And it matters not at all whether those who are his here on earth agents are consciously aware of their slave masters actions or not. A soul in mortal sin is a throne room for Hell.

We see evidence of this diabolical reality in the push for so-called same-sex marriage, an absolute perverse and distorted re-ordering of nature.

You can bet the farm that Satan has no specific interest in whether governments pronounce sodomy as marriage. The sin of homosexual acts are being committed anyway and the guilt of that sin already being incurred.

What Satan gets out of the marriage question is the creation of an atmosphere where truth is denied, thus setting the stage for even greater sin to flood in. AND, above all, he gets the establishment of an environment where the Church and Her teachings can be officially attacked and condemned. He has craftily engineered a situation where the TRUTH ITSELF is made to appear to be an enemy of people and their so-called rights.

Sodomy is being trotted around the world and portrayed as a “human right”. Whether his agents are conscious of it or not, Satan is behind this same-sex marriage movement because, at the end of the day, it will be used against the Church as a powerful weapon, which  we have already seen glimpses of here and there in Canada and the United States and Europe.

Church leaders to take the gloves off and start talking about this in the real terms that it is: spiritual warfare – aimed against the Church of Christ, His Immaculate Bride. That is where this will all end up. It HAS to end there. Satan cares about nothing but the destruction of the Catholic Church and the resultant loss of countless souls. Period. And the Church cares about nothing ultimately than salvation.

Every battle that occurs in the spiritual realm is nothing more than a microcosm of this truth. This is how Our Blessed Lord classified it when He Himself declared Peter the Rock on which HE would build His Church, and then promised that the Gates of Hell would not prevail.

That is talk of war.

This is the spiritual reality behind all the talk of human rights, and marriage equality, and all the diabolical PR.

The Church needs to call this out and tell Satan to go to hell.

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