Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Say It Like You Mean It: Vortex

In yesterday’s Vortex (4/2/13), Michael Voris made a very good point: why do Catholics tend to so timidly proclaim the truth of our faith? We seem to try to reduce the impact of our statements of truth by preceding those statements with the words, “We Catholics believe…” I admit to having been guilty of this myself!

As Voris notes, the Truths of the faith are either true or they’re not. If they are only true for Catholics, we have a problem! He says:

These are facts! They aren’t propositions to the world for people to decide for themselves whether they are right or not or worthy of consideration or not. These are not believable because Catholics BELIEVE them, but because they are true

And he rightly points out that Muslims don’t say “we believe” when expressing the tenets of their faith – nor do Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, secularists, militant homosexualists, pro-abortion politicians, nor anyone else who has an agenda to promote!

Here’s the script:

Can it not be said with all seriousness today that there is an attempt inside the Church, intended or not, to downplay the Resurrection?

What IS the resurrection if not the LIVING proof that Jesus Christ is the Son of God – GOD!? How many other world religion leaders or founders do you know who have walked out of their graves?

So the resurrection establishes the superiority – not just equality with – over other world religions. And among Christians, Catholicism has the unique claim to be the sole Church founded by this resurrected God.

So a very legitimate question arises with regard to the resurrection and the Catholic Church: why do so many leaders in the Church today continually couch the truth of the faith – the Church – FACTS in language like, “Jesus has risen from the dead…WE CATHOLICS BELIEVE.”

When speaking of the teachings of GOD Almighty as professed and declared by the Catholic Church, there is this weak-kneed almost spineless approach to say it like it is. Did Jesus Christ walk out of that tomb or did He not? If he did THEN SAY IT CLEARLY and ALL THAT FLOWS FROM IT – which is HE IS GOD. HIS RELIGION is the only legitimate religion rooted in truth.

These are facts! They aren’t propositions to the world for people to decide for themselves whether they are right or not or worthy of consideration or not. These are not believable because Catholics BELIEVE them, but because they are true…PERIOD! And so is all that flows from them. The Catholic Church, and not any other, was founded by the GOD who rose from the dead. Therefore, whatever that Church declares as a matter of unerring doctrine to be true, IS TRUE – not because of you or me or the Pope – but because of the GOD who established the Church.

GOD has revealed the teachings; the Church just repeats them…announces them. And yet we find such timidity these days – a constant wavering in presentation to just SAY IT LIKE IT IS.

Jesus Christ did walk out of the tomb; whether that offends Muslims or Buddhists or secularists or atheists doesn’t matter. You never hear them saying something like we BELIEVE Jesus did not resurrect from the dead. They just flat out deny it. You never hear atheists holding forth with expressions like, “I BELIEVE there is no God”. They just flat out say, “There is no God.”

Muslims not only deny that Jesus is God, they relegate him to the level of a prophet – and elevate their own leader as someone superior…and they don’t say “we BELIEVE this”. They just state it as a matter of fact.

So when Catholic clerics go on the mass media airwaves and talk all nicey-nice and sweet and feminine and non-offensive, and say things like “we Catholics believe” this or that, what on God’s green earth is a non-Catholic supposed to gather from that? Exactly what they DO gather, which is, “Well, here’s ONE set of beliefs among many.”

Catholicism is NOT one belief among many. It is the ONE and only legitimate belief a person can hold. Every other belief falls somewhere along the spectrum of wrong. Are those harsh sounding words? Is that too judgmental for the ears of modern or contemporary man who has been turned into an intellectual marshmallow?

The forces for evil change in the world don’t view their beliefs as just one system among many, all of which are legitimate.

Do you think militant homosexuals constantly agitating for same-sex marriage and a lowering of the age of consent REALLY think of themselves as just one of many legitimate views with regard to homosexuality?

Do you think that the pro-contraception and pro-abortion forces think that both theirs and the Catholic view are equally worthy of consideration? Not a chance in Hades.

These forces despise the faith. They are mistakenly convinced of the rightness of their cause, and they trample the Church underfoot every chance they get. Why then is there this lack of militancy from so many quarters of the Church Militant with regard to what we KNOW to be true?

It’s owing to either one of two things: either a lack of confidence in the rightness and truth of what the Church teaches, or a soft-minded feminized weakness that is more concerned with the appearance of hurting feelings than with the truth. Both approaches point souls to Hell.

Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He is GOD. He established a Church as His own. That Church and the faith She preaches is the only legitimate faith on the earth. GOD has so ordered things in this manner for our salvation.

It’s time the Church and Her leaders started saying things the way they are and stop hesitating and couching the truth in weak feminized double speak because they either don’t believe enough or have a mistaken vision of Jesus Christ.


  1. Even Michael Voris didn't say Jews among those who might be offended. Because it's very true that offending Jews is unacceptable. A sorry state of affairs.

  2. I don't think Michael Voris intentionally omitted the word "Jews" in order not to offend them. Voris, as far as I can tell, is not afraid of offending anyone where the Truth is concerned.

  3. I am ashamed to say that I find myself getting sucked into this mentality of tolerating others' beliefs - of course it is primarily those 'catholics' who support anti-Catholic ideas. My first reaction (I think) is shock. Why am I still shocked???


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