Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is Michael Voris Married?

The “stat counter” I use gives me information about how viewers arrived at my blog; for instance, if there was a Google search, it tells me the phrase or key words the person submitted to be Googled, which resulted in my blog popping up in the results.

It’s surprising to me how often “Is Michael Voris married” is Googled! Although I get “hits” from people Googling that question, when they visit a Vortex post here, they don’t get the answer – just one of the Vortex posts.

So…I have decided to provide an answer to that oft-Googled question! The information below is from the esteemed and awesome Terry Carroll of ChurchMilitant.TV. (You can become a premium subscriber there at that link.)

The short answer is: No, Michael Voris is not married.

Some people, however, wonder about the ring Michael wears, thinking that it is a wedding ring, and thus prompting the question. The ring Michael Voris wears is a sign of his total consecration to Mary, as documented in the episode of the Vortex embedded below (filmed in Fatima, Portugal, August 23, 2011), which includes the statement:

I, Michael Peter Voris, renew the private consecration of my chastity to you. Forsaking all other loves, I pledge today my mind, my heart, my body and my strength and give them to you my Queen and my Mother.

Michael has made the Total Consecration to Mary per St. Louis de Montfort.

Here is the prayer of consecration of the ChurchMilitant.TV apostolate recited at Fatima, which includes the renewal of Michael's private consecration of his life to Mary:


O Glorious Queen of Heaven, whose Immaculate Heart is forever bound in loving unity with the Sacred Heart of thy Divine Son, we beg you to look down on your sons and daughters with maternal sweetness and royal compassion.

O Woman of Genesis and Revelation, who dost crush the head of our ancient enemy the serpent, and dost grind him into the dust of the earth, we desire to be consecrated totally and completely to your Immaculate Heart, to be led and guided by you to the Sacred Heart of thy Son and having been so led, brought into the life of grace of the Blessed Trinity of whom you are Mother, Daughter and Spouse.

Unite us in unfailing devotion to the Supreme Godhead in this life, that we may enjoy everlasting joy and solicitude in the next with you and the court of Heaven.

Unite us more firmly to the Chair of Peter the Rock, so that we may live and die in and for the Holy Roman Church.

Blessed Mother and Majestic Queen, I, [full name], place at your royal feet all the instruments of our endeavor in the new media in this epochal struggle for the glory of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in the fight for the salvation of souls. We consecrate to your Immaculate Heart, Heavenly Queen, our Apostolate.

In your Queenship of Heaven and Earth, manifest so visibly and miraculously [here] in
Fatima, I humbly ask that you raise up champions for Yourself to fight against the powers of darkness who seek the destruction of your children, entrusted at so great a price to you by your Divine Son from the throne of His Cross.

In your sweetest kindness, bestow your maternal smile upon all our benefactors, those who wish us well and those who wish we fail.

In your pure and gentle way, preserve and protect all the young people drawn to our apostolate from all the deceptions of the enemy. Obtain for them, humility, purity and charity. Place in them an ardent and burning desire for justice and truth as the sure means for their salvation and all those whom they evangelize.

We entrust to you all those who have grown disheartened and discouraged in the face of scandal, failure and loss of faith within the Body of Christ. Recall and repeat the words you said to your Divine Son at the wedding feast at Cana, “They have no wine”, so that
He may once again, demonstrating His Eternal and everlasting love for you, answer your petition by showering down a torrent of graces to restore the Faith in so many broken and shattered hearts.

[I, Michael Peter Voris, publicly renew the private consecration of my chastity to you. Forsaking all other loves, I pledge today my mind, my heart, my body and my strength and give them to you my Queen and my Mother.]

Most sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation.
Most sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation.  
Most sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation.


  1. Haha that's funny about the stat counter and Michael Vorhis.

  2. Funny, I was wondering the same thing .
    I have also made a private Consecration to Our Lady and to the good God...and to live for GOD ALONE.
    St. Louis de Montford and his Total Consecration was turning point in my life.
    You see it is GOD ALONE for me , no other will ever take HIS place...thanks be to God.
    Today is a NRE DAY and thanks be to God HE and His Mother rescued me from the pit of hell, just as HE did for Michael Voris.
    It is all HIM and Our Blessed Lady ...Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.
    God Bless you Dr. Jay and all that come across these pages!

  3. Heidi - yeah, I found it amusing every time I saw it! And I finally mentioned it to Terry, who has also answered inquiries on that topic when they come in to CMTV.

    Jeanne, yes! I have made the De Montfort consecration to Jesus through Mary, too, and renew it every year. And I agree - it is particularly relevant to pray to Our Lady of Fatima in these times!

  4. I was shocked to learn about Michael Voris's past homosexual escapades but so happy that he has turned away from his sin. He should head an organization to help homosexuals get out of this lifestyle. If Michael did it as countless other have, then he should take this on as his Mission!

  5. Please leave Michael alone. He is Gods instrument to help fallen souls . Your slander is despicable.


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