Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Photos: Springtime in Eastern Oregon

I snapped a few photos on the way home from my Easter pilgrimage over the rainbow. Spring is definitely on the way now!

I am a master of the "through the window while driving" shot.


  1. Thanks for the photos. I swear I could smell the air! I can't tell you how happy it makes me, actually brings a smile to my face, to see those pictures of cattle in the field. Ahh.

  2. Lots of cattle! And lots of babies!

    BTW...apologies to someone whose comment here I think I accidentally deleted!

    1. That was my comment you accidentally deleted.

      As an East Coaster, I appreciate being able to see the wonders of the West. Hopefully, some day I will be to experience it firsthand.

      Regarding the "through the window" shots, I hope they were taken as a passenger (not the driver) or when the car was stopped. Safety first.

      Finally, thanks to Elizabeth for pointing out the cattle grazing in the fields. During a time spent in rural places, I developed an appreciation for the serenity that grazing cattle display-whenever I would start to feel stressed I would try to picture how the cows would be.

    2. Sorry, fRED! My finger slipped and hit some key, and your comment was gone. I hadn't even been able to see who had submitted it!

  3. Good shots! I like the through-the-window-shot of the mountains!!

  4. Wait a minnit!

    I know I see a bigfoot in that first photo. He's peeking from behind that first bush just off to the right of the highway!

    Better call Bobo and the Finding Bigfoot crew, Dr. Boyd.

    Excellent pictures. You may live in a proverbial "Novus Ordo wasteland" Dr. Boyd, but I'd take that kind of "wasteland" landscape any day.



  5. I sure appreciated the photos; There are no mountains in Wisconsin!

  6. Ah yes...Bigfoot! Prime country for a Bigfoot hideout, for sure! And yes, although it's a spiritual desert, God's majesty is ever evident in the physical surroundings. That makes our journey through the spiritual desert more palatable.

    HSE - it would be hard for me to live where there were no mountains!


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