Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Do Seminary Right: FSSP Video

My friend “Tantamergo” (of “A Blog For Dallas Area Catholics”) lives where there is a large and active FSSP (Fraternitas Sacredotalis Sancti Petri) community. The FSSP is, of course, the international order of priests who offer the Traditional Latin Mass and all the other Sacraments in accord with the pre-Vatican II rites. They are the largest of such orders in fully regular canonical status with the Church.

Ah, if only we could have an FSSP presence in the Diocese of Baker! That seems not to be a possibility at this time, due to several factors, including the FSSP’s own perception of the destitute state of spiritual health here, and the likely inability of our diocese to support an FSSP community. Pray for a renewal of our Catholic identity and an appreciation for the treasures of the extraordinary form of the Mass!

Tantamergo presented the video below about the FSSP’s Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary and the following commentary on his blog:

The Fraternity has many, many outstanding requests from dioceses in North America to fill a standing need for Traditional Latin Mass parishes where presently none exist, or there is inadequate “coverage.” They also have to turn away many men from their seminary due to lack of space. Their chief limiting factor at this time is funding. If they had more funds to hire more staff and expand the physical plant of the seminary, more priests could be trained and more dioceses could have not just Masses, which are the heart of all the Church does, but all the elements of Tradition that come from these exceedingly well trained, faithful, and orthodox priests. I can say that while the TLM is a gift beyond treasure and such an infinite source of Grace and edification, but having all the other aspects of traditional Catholic community are also immensely important and beneficial. It is like a little slice of Heaven.

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