Friday, November 9, 2012

Fr. Rosica's Response to Michael Voris

Fr. Rosica, the Canadian priest who was taken to task by Michael Voris regarding the interview of Gregory Baum on Fr. Rosica’s television show, has responded on his own blog.  

He says, in part:

Whether we wish to admit it or not, Professor Gregory Baum played a significant role at the Second Vatican Council. We cannot rewrite history.

The many things and errors attributed to him at present are unjustified. Those like Michael Voris who wish to blame Professor Baum for things that went wrong with the application of the Second Vatican Council are dishonest and completely incorrect.

He then cites the statement by the Archdiocese of Detroit from December of 2011 that “The Archdiocese has informed Mr. Voris and Real Catholic TV,, that it does not regard them as being authorized to use the word “Catholic” to identify or promote their public activities.” (I posted some thoughts on that issue here and here.)

Fr. Rosica then informs us that:

When the name “Catholic” is removed from one’s public activity and work, this is a very serious matter. Having known for some time of Michael Voris’ background, it is a story that invites us not into anger and rage, but into profound pity and prayer for him, and all those who have found his method, style and content significant for their lives.

C’mon, Fr. Rosica. I don't think it was a "serious matter" at all, when one gathered all the facts. If one examines the issue around the name of “Real Catholic TV”, one finds that there was never any accusation that what Michael Voris was teaching was in any way contrary to Church teaching.But it is certainly a "serious matter" for a priest to be an active and vocal dissenter from Church teaching on a number of core issues. Or to be laicized, and then marry, and then divorce. 

Fr. Rosica continues:

I have celebrated mass [sic] for Michael Voris this past weekend. May the Lord help him realize what he is doing. May the Lord heal him from the sadness and unreconciled heart that produces such Unchristian, virulent, slanderous behavior and disrespect for others.

Hmm…that’s nice. And I’ll bet Michael Voris has prayed a very similar prayer for Fr. Rosica! I know I have.

There’s an excellent commentary on all this at “Catholic News Live”; I recommend you read that article, which is well-written, and also amusing. The author gives some excellent background information on Baum, and responses to Fr. Rosica's post. I like this part of the article in particular where the author does a compare-and-contrast of Baum and Voris. The author suggests:

…[L]et’s review the situation by asking some pertinent questions:

1. Has Michael Voris ever dissented from any fundamental Church teaching? No.

2. Has Gregory Baum ever dissented from any fundamental Church teaching? Yes. On many occasions.

3. Has Michael Voris always obeyed his bishop? Yes. He removed the name “Catholic” from his ministry when asked.

4. Has Gregory Baum always obeyed his bishop? No. He advocated positions in the area of homosexuality in opposition to his bishop’s orders.

5. Is Michael Voris a Catholic in good standing? Yes.

6. Is Gregory Baum a Catholic in good standing? No. He left the priesthood and was automatically excommunicated by the code of canon law in force at that time.

7. Has any ecclesial authority ever found fault in any of Michael Voris’s teachings about the Faith? No.

8. Has any ecclesial authority ever found fault with Gregory Baum? Yes. + Pocock: “Fr. Baum’s published reactions are contrary to official Catholic doctrine and may not be followed as either the teaching or the practice of the Catholic Church.” (Source)

9. Is Michael Voris recognized to teach the Catholic Faith in any official capacity? No.

10. Is Gregory Baum recognized to teach the Catholic Faith in any official capacity? No.

11. Has Michael Voris honoured marriage and the Gospel of Life? Yes. He is single and has never divorced and decries abortion and contraception, publicly, almost every day.

12. Has Gregory Baum honoured marriage and the Gospel of Life? No. He left his priesthood and “married” a “divorced” nun and then proceeded to “divorce” her. He is a dissenter from Humanae Vitae.

After a few more revealing questions and answers, the author notes (my emphases):

The Archdiocese of Detroit doesn’t like the fact that Michael Voris is not “diplomatic” enough. He offends people. He offends Protestants. He offends liberal Catholics. And his style is too muscular for them. One can totally understand that in today’s effeminate ecclesial and ecumenical polity, such an approach will not be readily acceptable and therefore any Catholic finding prominence with this style is going to find himself on the outs with the hierarchy. So what? Saints were no less persecuted in the history of the church because their style did not mesh with the established orientation of the day. Some people might have a problem with Voris’s style. Fine. Different strokes for different folks. This has nothing to do with THE FAITH, however, and THE FAITH is what counts.

But I will concede this point to Fr. Rosica: the fact that Michael Voris, a faithful Catholic with a muscular personality, is persona non grata among the Catholic hierarchy for his style, while Gregory Baum, a notorious dissenter and excommunicant, is given free rein in official Catholic venues like St. Paul’s University and Canada’s Catholic “Station of Hope” (making outrageous remarks and insinuations, by the way), tells you all you need to know about the state of the Catholic Church today.

The author of the article concludes with the following plea to Fr. Rosica:

Fr. Rosica, for the good of your own soul and the good of the Church, in the name of Jesus Christ, I urge you to repent before it’s too late. Gregory Baum is close to 90. Küng is not too far behind…as are all of the dissenters and heretics. The false “Spirit” of Vatican II is dying and soon, once people figure out that Salt + Light’s TV’s otherwise wholesome and pious programming is effectively financing your side-show adventures in dissent, the jig will be up.

Indeed. Let us pray for Fr. Rosica and Gregory Baum, who are leading so many astray, and endangering their own souls in the process.

And let’s pray for Michael Voris and ChurchMilitant.TV, as well. God knows we need a leader like Voris who will continue to exhort and motivate us to learn and defend our faith.


  1. Mr. Voris is just stating the facts. Can't argue with that!!

  2. Quite frankly, I wouldn't have troubled to even answer Fr Rosica's diatribe. They are the remarks of an ecclesiastical simpleton, and unworthy of comment.

    However the response that you included was certainly well done.

  3. Nancy - exactly!

    Dan - yeah, I know what you mean - and maybe that's why Michael Voris has not bothered to respond back to him. But as you say, the article was well done,and that's mainly why I posted on it. Also, I find it interesting that Fr. Rosica thought it necessary to respond to Michael Voris!

  4. Michael Voris is a lamp BURNING in the darkness , a John the Baptist so to speak, my opinion !
    The complete TRUTH makes us all a little uncomfortable .
    But in the long run it actuallu sets us FREE.
    I was a littel uncomfortable with Voris at first , but now I have prayed LORD teach me the complete TRUTH , not the watered down version of the truth..Michael Voris is one avenue that I can get the complete TRUTH and not the feel good sermon from Father Friendly who needs our prayers . Give it to me straight ...the four last things NEED to be preached : Death , Judgement , Heaven and Hell.....I want to be faithful and obedient to my God and see Him face to face someday ...Thank God for Michael Voris !

  5. We pray for the Voris family every Sunday. God's peace.


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