Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's Time to Get Truly Catholic

Millions of babies, trillions of dollars...
and you still voted for Obama?!?!
Reader and commenter HSE sent me an article in The Remnant by Michael J. Matt – take a trip over there and read it.

Here are some highlights (my emphases):

… This election has made it abundantly obvious to millions that vast numbers of their compatriots have simply lost any semblance of their God-given moral equilibrium--a sobering fact that will cause them to realize they're standing in knee-deep water that is rapidly rising and that it's time for them to seek higher ground. In other words, the party is over, and half the country is staring into the eyes of the beast.

Exactly. As I commented to my husband last night, the good news is that more than half of the population of this country has some semblance of moral intelligence; the bad news is that the moral idiots had their way in the election.

This is a golden opportunity for us, then—not to accuse Obama for being a closet Muslim or whatever else—but rather to encourage all Americans to come out of their respective closets and to become Christian again. The human element of the Catholic Church has an eleventh-hour opportunity to abandon the Modernism that has plagued the Church for too long, before the Church in America is crushed beneath the heels of militant atheists. Moderate, jovial, doctrine-phobic bishops lost big tonight. Cardinal Dolan, Governor Chris Christie—what’s the difference! Who cares! Millions have had enough!

An awakening took place tonight, and it means that faithful, traditionalist, God-fearing Americans can finally begin to move towards authentic restoration of everything that matters most in this life—that which Americans once held sacred, good, honorable and noble because it is based on love of God, His law, Christian culture, tradition and the family. I'm not destroyed by the election results. Rather, I feel as though we've finally hit bottom, and there's no place to go from here but up.

Obama represents our chastisement, perhaps, but certainly not our conqueror. His victory may well lead to our redemption, in fact, both as Catholics and as Americans. Four more years of Obama may mean that America will have to suffer, but perhaps she will also begin to find her soul again… and her knees. Then Americans will have a chance to be truly free--something they haven't known for many, many decades.

We know what we’re up against. We have to fight, harder than ever. And I don’t know about you, but to me that means fighting to restore the Catholic Church. It won’t do just to say, “Well, at least we’re a Christian nation”…see where that’s taken us? There is one true faith, and we need to spread that word – the fullness of the truth that is faithfully contained in the teachings of the Church.

Just found this on Face Book - my sentiments exactly!
That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ with it. And I continue to pray for all bishops and priests - for the good ones who will lead us into through the desert by their shining example and willingness to suffer the consequences of preaching the Truth; and for the bad ones who won't preach the Truth at all because they don't believe it; and for the lukewarm ones who know the Truth, but hold back out of fear of government or fear of parishioners.

If you think this Philothea was on Phire before, just wait…I’m turning up the heat because we need to get this pot boiling.

Warning to Bishops with Balloons:
Your bubble is gonna burst.


  1. Dr. Jay well said. Amen

  2. YES, YES Dr. Jay , let us turn Up THE HEAT and get serious about living for Jesus Chrsit and HIS CHURCH , the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH ..after all we are soldiers for Christ ! Each and every day we go to the BATTLE GROUND , to our jobs, our friends, our co-workers, our families and etc. etc. We are in a BATTLE ...hear this loud and clear ....and who WINS : GOD WINS , no person or elected official is going to win folks ...God is going to WIN this WAR and Our Blessed Mother , Mary , Our Blessed Lady and Mother of the entire human race is going to CRUSH THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT , you can count on this my friends ! Now let us REJOICE because we each know the TRUTH ...and we are FREE indeed ! Cling to Holy Mother Church , pray for the conversion of sinners and love your enemies , and pray for those who hate you ! REJOICE! God Bless you Dr. Jay and all on this site !

  3. The article from The Remnant is Excellent...thanks for that information.

    The Chastisement is coming folks ...hold on and get serious about being a TRUE CATHOLIC....turn up the God be the Glory!

  4. Absolutely amazing that we all had the exact same thought independent of one another yesterday. That means, at least to me, that it is from Our Lord Himself.

    "They" created a monster! I HAVE HAD IT! Michael Matt is correct - we reached bottom yesterday. The only way to go is up. The only thing I have to lose is my life. If I lose it for Our Lord, I gain it for Eternity. Not a bad deal.

    "They" created a "redneck" yesterday - a fighter and a warrior. Only Divine Intervention can change anything at this point. It's been a slow boil and, while it is nice that we have awoken, I think it is too late.

    I blame the novus ordo church for this and the useless shepherds. The picture you used at the top of those three men? Keep that on the blog as a constant reminder.

    There is a lot more I would like to say, but I have consideration for you and your blog, Jay.

  5. Lorraine - amen! Let's pray for the incompetent shepherds, and also for the good ones, like Bishop Sample, and Bishop Paprocki, and Bishop Jenky, and a few others who spoke about the salvation of souls with regard to voting for Obama. I intend to be a lot more blunt with people about the necessity of the Church for salvation, and the NO Mass as the source of protestantizing of Catholics which led to a majority of them casting their vote in the wrong direction.

    Time for priests to announce at communion, "If you voted for Obama and have not been to confession, do not bring condemnation on yourself by receiving Holy Communion." Hey...I think I'll put that in a post!

  6. YES , YES Dr. Jay ...PLEASE post that last paragraph!
    Let us pray for the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH .
    Yes Lorraine ....your comments are TRUE , thanks be to God!
    We are the problem ...and we better get serious now about defending the TRUE FAITH and HIS CHURCH .
    God help us to do just that !

  7. "...and the NO Mass as the source of protestantizing of Catholics which led to a majority of them casting their vote in the wrong direction."

    Amen! I lay the blame of the demise of our country at the feet of the Church and the Shepherds. This is where their "New Springtime" has gotten us. This is where "dialogue" and compromising at every turn has gotten us.

    On Sunday, after Holy Communion, our pastor made a sudden appearance and told us to be seated. Stupid, stupid, stupid me!! I thought he was going to talk to us about the election. Am I a dunce, or what? What did he talk to us about for fifteen minutes? "We need more money!"

    That's it for me!

    "Fool me once, shame on you;
    fool me twice, shame on me!"


  8. Speaking of "the NO Mass as the source of protestantizing of Catholics which led to a majority of them casting their vote in the wrong direction..."

    Did you folks see this entry over at Larry's? Interesting.


    PS: I was thinking along the same lines as all of you this morning: "Stand up, speak the Truth, you coward (me, at times). Be charitable but firm in your conviction about the faith. Our Blessed Lord wants souls in heaven. Our Father's children! Don't let a moment pass you by when you can share the faith. The Holy Ghost will provide *plenty* of opportunitites."

    Anyway, that's what was going though my head today! LOL

  9. The prayer to St Michael recited daily is recommended for all of us warriors who will fight even more forcefully for God's truth. Martyrdom is preferred over eternity in hell. There is no point in trying to change the USA back to what it was until we change the Church back to what it ought to be. My energy will be focused on holding Bishops accountable. Some of them, just like the Marxist Obama, are a lost cause. Excuse my French but screw em...let's focus on the ones who can change.
    A Sheepdog


  11. Thanks for posting Michael Matt's article, Jay. I really needed that after such a disappointment on Tuesday night. Mr. Matt's articles are almost always right on the money and serve to remind me that I am a Christian Soldier and this is not my home ultimately.

    I subscribe to The Remnant newspaper and recommend it to traditional Catholics out there. It arrives in my mailbox every 2 weeks and I devour it. Like most publications, not every article grabs me, but mostly they do. For anyone who's leery of them thinking that it's an SSPX newspaper ~ it isn't. It certainly is strongly sympathetic to the SSPX, but to Mr. Matt's credit, the editor, he prints many articles written by Fr. Michael Rodriguez and many articles about or written by FSSP priests.

    This kind of print publication is really struggling today and could sure use all the subscribers they can get. Consider helping them to continue fighting the good fight. Subscriptions are very reasonable ($35 for 1 year).

    Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now!

  12. Another GREAT suggestion : I will look into getting a subsrciption : WOW , maybe I could ask one of my adult children to get this as a gift for me !
    Doesn't hurt to ask : God Bless everyone !


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