Saturday, November 3, 2012

Prayer, Penance, and the Presidential Election

It seems like 2008 was a lifetime ago.

And it seems like society in general has been on a steep, steep decline in the last four years. I guess that’s not surprising, given the evil that is reigning in the Obama administration. Still…I find it appalling, to say the least.

For instance, in 2008, we had abortion, but not with the attitude we see on the left now. Now we even have people suggesting that killing born children might just be “morally correct” if the child might be too much of a burden on his parents.  

“You shall not offer any of your offspring to be immolated to Molech, thus profaning the name of your God. I am the LORD.” (Leviticus 18:21)

The liberals pooh-pooh the Ten Commandments and Old Testament injunctions against sinful behavior. But there’s a reason God had to put in writing those human activities that constitute grave sin! People, left to their own devices, slouch into sin quite easily; we see that now, today. As belief in God has receded, so has any semblance of moral uprightness. Just take a look at Leviticus 18 – the whole chapter. “You shall not”, it says. You shall not, you shall not, you shall not: have intercourse with your mother, your sister, your brother, your aunt, your uncle, your daughter-in-law... Heck, some people need to hear that now.

The "Church of no”? YES! God has to tell us “no” because we are willful children who refuse to recognize evil when we see it. Most of us realize that children who are raised without hearing the word “no” tend to become spoiled brats.  Yeah, I know, that’s a very politically incorrect thing to say these days. Child-rearing is not what it used to be.

Anyway, last night I was reading about Obama’s exhortation to his supports to “vote for revenge” against Romney. That in itself is pretty ludicrous. At the end of this article, there is a list of “related” stories. Look at the topics:

I visited a few of those…it’s disgusting. When I read the Roman Martyrology every morning, I am sometimes just aghast at the types of tortures that humans have devised to visit upon their own brothers and sisters. I feel the same kind of horror reading the comments by liberal fanatics today.

The author of the article suggests:

Throughout the campaign, Obama's base has engaged in some of the most vile, hateful, eliminationist rhetoric the American electorate has ever witnessed.

Liberals on Twitter, for example, have repeatedly called for harm to come to Romney and his supporters, with many threatening to kill the GOP nominee should he win.
Others have threatened to engage in riots and acts of domestic terrorism against the White House.

A recent ad produced by Michael Moore and depicted senior citizens threatening to "burn this m*****f****r" down if Romney wins.

In short, Obama is simply encouraging his base in language they understand.

I watched that Michael Moore ad, too…oh my. I feel embarrassed for the elderly people who participated. What is the deal with profanity? Why do the libs seem to think it necessary to pepper every sentence with the “f” word? Seriously, I just don’t get it.

As far as the comments about killing, maiming, or otherwise harming political candidates, I just don’t see those kinds of comments coming from the right. Oh yes, I know there are fanatics on the right, too, but they must be a much smaller number, or less vocal, or something. Or I’m not reading the right reports.

It's not just a "slippery slope" any more...
But the left is violent, ironically enough, for all its “peace-love-kumbaya” façade. The “gay rights” political agenda is sadly violent. Go find a homosexualist website – it’s easy to find degrading videos that feature sex, sex, sex, and derogatory, violent comments about anyone who dares to suggest that homosexual behavior is a sin, or that it’s unhealthy, or that some people with same-sex attraction don’t want to be “gay”, etc. We are just not “allowed” to say such “hurtful” things…but the homosexualists seem to think there’s nothing wrong with hurling similar epithets at Christians, and even resorting to violence against them. We’re not allowed to “bully” homosexuals, but it’s okay to “bully” those who refuse to recognize homosexual behavior as “normal”.

Michael Voris has been doing a weekly update on how the presidential race is shaping up, from the perspective of the electoral vote. In the latest installment (embedded below, and worth watching) he concludes:

Romney SHOULD win by every measure there is, but we have to consider that as St. Paul says, we are not fighting a temporal war, but a spiritual one – against principalities and powers.

People supporting Obama are not supporting him because of his sterling economic policies; they are supporting him because of his ideological stances – as was made abundantly evident during the Democratic Convention, when one child-murdering supporter and sodomy supporter after another walked up to the podium and hailed this man.

We do not know how this will turn out, but we do know this: IF Obama wins, and the pace of social and cultural destruction quickens – which it most certainly will – none of it will be happening without God in Heaven allowing it.

Obama winning may in fact be His judgment on a wicked and perverse generation…not OUR judgment on who is best to occupy the White House.

So for now, I leave you with those rather disjointed thoughts. I will be devoting the next few days to prayer and penance, and will resume posting sometime late Tuesday, or perhaps Wednesday.

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  1. God will's be done ...ON EARTH as it is in heaven!
    God is in charge and if we have to have 4 more years of this EVIL administration so be it .
    God will not be deceived or mocked !
    To God be the Glory.
    As for me and my household we will serve the LORD JESUS CHRIST !
    God Bless you all!


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