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Bishops, You Must LEAD Us!

The kind of Church we need! See more photos like this,
and the article about it here. And Dr. Taylor
Marshall has further thoughts on the subject of
the Mass and masculinity here.
In case you missed it, here’s last Tuesday’s Vortex (embedded below, with the full script following) – an excellent summary of the current situation in the Church, and another call to arms.

Along the same lines, there was an excellent article at “The Catholic Thing” blog, but Robert Royal. I’ll give you a few excerpts, but please read the whole thing at the link.

Mr. Royal says (my emphases):

The U. S. bishops are meeting in Baltimore this week for their annual get-together. The scuttlebutt is that they will be mostly discussing matters internal to the Church in America. If they were asking my advice – for some reason, they seem to have forgotten to call – I would strongly urge that they begin with a collective session of lectio divina about kindling fires.

I’d also suggest a few other things. To start with, forget about being nice. It doesn’t work. Be gentlemen. Be kind. But forget nice. As learned Latinists, you no doubt know that the word comes from nescius, which means ignorant. It came, early in modern languages, to mean foolish. Today, an idiomatic translation might be: clueless.

He concludes by telling the bishops:

Know that many Catholics, and non-Catholics, are with you. Seek them out. And the best way to do so is to lead from the front. The apostles knew it was a bad idea, in a sense, for Jesus to go into Jerusalem at the end. But they saw who He was, what He was willing to risk, and they were willing to risk much themselves so that at least they could die with Him.

I know several of you, and know that some of you know all this. But we need you to inspire even more of your fellow bishops.

You have lifetime tenure and jobs that make a real difference. Most people are stuck in humdrum tasks that don’t seem to mean very much. This is an exciting moment in Catholic history that offers opportunities for all the imagination, intelligence, and daring that you can bring to the many challenges at hand.

So make the most of it. Cherish it. Blessed are you.

Pray for our bishops! 

Here's the Vortex: 

The script:

Shortly after Nero had Rome set ablaze, he watched from one of the hills of Rome and played away on his fiddle; hence the expression, Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

While historians debate the full accuracy of the account, the point is made. So too is an obvious point conveyed in the expression “re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”.
The bishops of the United States are meeting this week in Baltimore for their bi-annual conference, and much is being discussed – just not much of any real significance in the face of a Luciferian takeover of the culture.

And we don’t mean just Obama winning. That’s only a symptom of the sickness and moral cancer that has brought down formerly Catholic or Christian countries all over the globe.

But as Rome – meaning the faith – burns to ashes, the bishops are busy talking about issuing a document on the economy, and another one…another one…on immigration.
By the way – did they take note that for all their work on immigration, the Hispanic vote, which represents the vast majority of immigration, went for Obama – the Catholic
Church hater – by 75 to 25 percent?

America’s problems are moral. Period. They stem from a denial of faith…God…the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Even among Catholics. Especially among Catholics.

If most Catholics REALLY believed that Jesus Christ is GOD – the Divine Majesty and Creator of the universe – this would be a different country. But since it isn’t… it’s clear they don’t.

The job of the bishops is not to issue one meaningless document after another on things which are not their expertise. BTW – about that economy document…not one economist weighed in on it. That’s right; a document about the economy with no input from experts in the field.

The job of the bishops is to announce Church teaching: support and teach the faithful and get us to Heaven.

But that isn’t on the agenda in Baltimore. Now if you log in and read the happy clappy accounts of the bloggers who are there, they dither on about this nice meal here and the nice chat they had with bishop whoever in the hall. They seem all too impressed just by the simple fact that they are in attendance, and seem to miss the point that they are supposed to be informing what goes on. What good is Catholic media presence if not to wake up souls to the plight of their eternal lives?

There was a Catholic blogger 15 minutes-of-fame meeting a couple of days ago where everyone smiled and chatted about…oooh…Catholic media and the internet. Where is the much-needed – not to mention only discussion that matters – the salvation of souls?
A few months back, Cardinal Dolan of New York – wo invited Obama to the Al Smith dinner and posed for pictures with him – told the Wall Street Journal that the bishops, including himself, had been essentially negligent in their duty to promote the Church’s moral teaching in the area of sex.

Good for him, but as many people suspected…that was it. Just words; nothing more.
Where is the document this week coming from Baltimore instructing and supporting an entire overhaul of the miserable Catholic education system that has betrayed and lost countless young minds – and no doubt souls – to the culture of death?

Where is the document that says ALL priests need to go back and learn about the intrinsic evil of contraception and cohabitation, and then preach it unashamedly to those in the pews?

And if there is a fear that most of the people will get up and leave: so be it. Better to enter into Heaven with a few then into eternal damnation with a multitude.

Where are the Catholic bloggers who are in attendance reminding the bishops to be bishops as VENERABLE Archbishop Fulton Sheen said we, the laity, need to do? Or again, are they just so impressed with their privileged status of being of having gotten press credentials to an event – that no one else on earth cares about or even knows is going on – that they just can’t get over themselves.

A murderous maniacal monstrous regime that has revealed its full hand is now in sufficient control of this society’s government. That regime will soon establish and cement a Supreme Court that will enshrine abortion and gay marriage as the law forever, with no earthly possibility of it ever changing.

This same regime will bring to bear all the powers it possesses on the Church, whose
leaders it has used and fooled and taken advantage of their naïveté. It is not the case that the bishops were just being kind and Obama mistook that for ignorance. No, they were ignorant and easy pickins’, and Obama knew it. He knew that, no matter what, most of these men would never challenge him in any meaningful way, and even if they did, they had so squandered any moral voice they had owing to the sex abuse crisis AND their non-stop never ending release of documents and statements on everything from global warming to unemployment to economy to peace in the Middle East and on and on – that frankly, they were perceived as the guy at the party who bores everyone because he passes himself off as an expert on everything.

And now, here they are, collectively gathered again in huddled conference, little blogging teams all in tow, happily tweeting and texting and facebooking about absolutely nothing – helping everyone to keep firmly fixed in their mind the illusion that the Emperor is dressed in the finest of robes, when in reality he is buck naked.

No, the emperor is not only naked: he’s also pounding away on his fiddle. We know from personal contact that a number of bishops are deeply concerned about these affairs – that they recognize that the whole Church is burning to the ground and what is needed is a decisive turnaround, a Damascus moment among their brother bishops.

The problem is what it has been for decades: a desire to influence the culture through the organs of the state, and not through the power of the Gospel. Stop publishing these meaningless no-one-cares documents, and stand up and declare the real evil in our midst: sexual immorality – especially contraception – for God’s sake; let the chips fall where they may.

Right now, we are living a lie. The Church in America is living a lie. Of the roughly 75 million baptized Catholics in the US, most likely no more than 10 percent are fully-believing, totally committed, and faithful.
Heck, 75 percent don’t even go to Mass; that leaves only 25 percent as a possible pool to draw any faithfulness from. And one visit to most any parish in the US will show you just how thin the faith is even among the Mass goers.

Publish a document on the need for absolute faith, on the need to turn away from sin – after, of course, sin has been defined, and the eternal consequences of dying in it have been spelled out.

What on earth is the game that is going on here, anyway? Stand up and preach the truth.
Period. Stop putting your trust in princes. And remember that despite the power of the horse; it cannot save.

St. Catherine of Sienna said, “Proclaim the truth and do not be silent through fear. Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

Heaven is the goal. Nothing else. Put down the fiddles and pick up the water buckets.

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  1. When I read what the bishops were discussing at their meeting, I thought the same thing - talk about ignoring the elephant in the room With all that is going on, this is what they choose to focus on? Dorothy Day? No meat on Friday? The economy?

    God give me strength to go on and persevere in Holy Mother Church.


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