Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Memorable Thanksgiving Conversation: Vortex

Gotta love this Vortex, as Michael Voris suggests that, right after grace is said for the Thanksgiving dinner, we might open a conversation with something along the lines of, “So, what does everyone think about Hell?”

“It can all go downhill from there,” he assures us. And in a way, that’s a good thing!

Here’s the video, with the full script below:

Time for a little reflection: The world of Catholics is broken down into – more or less – three separate groupings.
There is the 75 percent who don’t care…don’t know they should care…and don’t care that they don’t know. And if you want to know who they are, just go to a golf course on any Sunday morning where they are “worshipping”. The 75 percent don’t go to Mass and are essentially Catholics in name only – if even that much.

Then there are the remaining 25 percent, roughly, who do go to Mass; but this group breaks down even further to those who know, and those who don’t. Both groups “CARE”, but in varying degrees.

What it is that they don’t know is authentic Catholicism. They have been rendered spiritually brain dead from decades of Protestantized Catholicism that has been shoveled their way Sunday after Sunday.

So while they LOOK like they care, they kinda don’t – at least not the same way or about the same things that others in the parish do.

Now, these Catholics aren’t as easy to locate as the 75 percent who don’t go to Mass. They (the 75%) are easy to figure out: they want nothing to do with the Church, and will pretty much tell you that, mostly in polite terms…mostly.

But the crowd sitting in Mass each Sunday that mostly doesn’t know…well, that’s an entirely different challenge. They reject this teaching or that, deny one dogma or another, and generally consider themselves good people.

But they aren’t Catholic in the fullest sense of what that word means. They largely believe that everyone – or nearly everyone – goes to Heaven; contraception is Ok; all religions are essentially the same…at least all Christian faiths. The Pope is generally a cool dude, and his OPINIONS are worth considering because…well…after all, he is the Pope. But at the end of the day, they have listen to their own consciences.

As long as nothing religious is brought up, everything LOOKS very Catholic. This Thanksgiving. for example, many of these types of Catholics will sit down around the table and say grace; pretty Catholic there – check.

Some of them will moan about the election outcome – but not for CATHOLIC reasons; nonetheless it might all have the air of SOUNDING Catholic – check.

Chit chat will be engaged in about something that happened at the relative’s parish with Fr. Nice or the sweet nun that does this or that around the parish. Again – Catholic sounding – CHECK.

And by the time the dessert is served and the attention has shifted to cleaning up and watching football and moaning about how full everyone is, the day will begin to draw to a close and any meaningful chance to bring up AUTHENTIC CATHOLICISM will have gone the way of the food scraps – exactly like Satan wants it to.

Want to have a memorable Thanksgiving this year? As soon as people sit down and grace has been prayed – immediately ask what everyone thinks about Hell and that the Church still very much teaches it and that most of the fathers, doctors, and saints of the Church say that most people go there.

That will be a good conversation starter and it can all go downhill from there. But you should never stop smiling – just like the liberals never do. Just smile away – realizing that you are doing the work of Heaven: alerting souls to the only reality that matters – the next life, and where each of your family members and friends may end up.

Satan wants a nice comfortable meal. He doesn’t want fights and quarrels – especially now; I mean, c’mon, it’s Thanksgiving…not now. It’s not the right time. We can always talk about this later.

But if you don’t say something, then on Sunday your family and friends who still go to Mass will be right back at Mass, thinking the Pope’s a sweet old man, contraception is fine, and that God can’t possibly be mean enough to throw someone into Hell for all eternity, because He loves everyone.

This Thanksgiving day and weekend, faithful Catholics need to sit around the table and think WAY less about putting food IN their mouths, and much more about letting the truth come OUT of their mouths.

You may rest assured that when Our Blessed Lord sat down to dine with those who needed to hear the truth, that He gave it to them – even if it did ruin the main course. If you – who know and care – don’t say the truth to those around you, who will?

And if you who know, don’t say…how much do you really care?


  1. Yep , Speak the TRUTH and people might even throw food at you this Thanksgiving .
    We run the RISK of people hating us ....rejecting us and never wanting to be around us ...YIKES !
    I am on my knees DAILY for the COURAGE to speak the TRUTH at all times!
    God help us and give us and bless us with that HOLY ZEAL and BOLDNESS!

  2. LOL, Jeannie! Yes, it takes some courage to face our relatives and friends, doesn't it?!I think that a daily dose of the Vortex is a good way to strengthen one's resolve (I know you agree. We can call it "vitamin V".

  3. "Want to have a memorable Thanksgiving this year? As soon as people sit down and grace has been prayed – immediately ask what everyone thinks about Hell and that the Church still very much teaches it and that most of the fathers, doctors, and saints of the Church say that most people go there."

    I think I better go back to where I used to attend Mass. When I read the above, I realized that I don't even believe that anymore. I think that most souls are saved and hardly anyone goes to Hell. Yet, I was taught the opposite when I was young, and I know that prior to VII, the Church always taught otherwise.

    Really - see the damage done to a Catholic without their even realizing it?

  4. Lorraine - too true. That's why we can be thankful for the likes of Michael Voris!

  5. Yes let us give the good God thanks for WARRIORS like Michael Voris ...who speak the TRUTH in season and out !
    I had a conversation with my dear cousin this past Sunday and we hit on that subject ....people who are going to Hell .
    There was dead SILENCE ...not sure where she stands . She attends a local Novus Ordo parish ...but I am sure she thinks I am crazy, after I told here that I am now preparing for Eternity and I want the good and holy priests to now give it to me staight ..tell me Father Nice that if I am disobedient to the Commandments of God and if I have one mortal sin on my soul when I die..and do not repent I am going to HELL...PLEASE tell me this TRUTH ! God help us all! Much love to each of you and Have a Blessed Thanksgiving !

  6. Pray for me because I am meeting with my cousin (she and I are the same age) and my two aunts on Saturday , my two aunts are 80 and 76 both lovely ladies to be around . They do not go to Church anymore ...and they are both capable but choose not to go.
    Is that okay ???? If they can get out and go shopping and run errands from time to time, don't you think they should attend Sunday Mass ??? I think so ...believe I am not judging them but I am concerned for their immortal souls . Our conversation on Saturday afternoon should be very interesting : God help me to speak the TRUTH in LOVE!

  7. Jeanne, that is exactly what I was taught all those decades ago - that one mortal sin, ONE, on your soul when you die is all it takes to condemn you to Hell for eternity. Back in those days, mortal sin was a black and one thing. Unlike today, there are now all shades of gray areas so that one is never sure they have committed a mortal sin. I have even heard novus ordo priests say that most people could never commit a true mortal sin because they do not have full consent of their will.

  8. Yep Lorraine I have heard the same thing .
    That to me is SAD : what is the TRUTH ?
    Which is it....One mortal sin sends you to Hell or it doesn't ?
    And these different shades" and people having full consent ?
    What is the TRUTH !!!!!

  9. Jeanne, I think that the modernists would answer you like this.

    They would agree that one mortal sin can and will send you to Hell, but then they would hem and haw over whether it is really a mortal sin or not.

    Politics and psychology have taken over Church doctrine.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Dr. Jay and Jeanne. We have much to be grateful for because we have the true Catholic faith.

  10. Yes we have much to be THANKFUL Lorraine and Dr. Jay.
    it is TRUE , we have the TRUE FAITH, The Holy Catholic Apostolic Church , I am grateful and I am most grateful for this blog Dr. Jay , each and every time I click on , I am nourished and recharged ...for my God and His Church .
    Thanks be to God!
    Back on Monday ladies....we have a long weekend , they give us Friday off also !
    Let us Rejoice that the good God has blessed each one of us and let us go before Our Lord with confidence for the salvation of our families and friends and pray daily for the conversion of sinners !


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