Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vatican II and a Beer Tent Mass

As we consider these photos (courtesy of The Eponymous Flower) of a “Beer Tent Mass”, let us review a few items from Christus Dominus, Decree Concerning the Pastoral Office of Bishops in the Church (my emphases):

Christus Dominus, Paragraph 2:

Christ gave the Apostles and their successors the command and the power to teach all nations, to hallow men in the truth, and to feed them. Bishops, therefore, have been made true and authentic teachers of the faith, pontiffs, and pastors through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to them.

Christus Dominus, Paragraph 15

…Therefore bishops are the principal dispensers of the mysteries of God, as well as being the governors, promoters, and guardians of the entire liturgical life in the church committed to them.

They should, therefore, constantly exert themselves to have the faithful know and live the paschal mystery more deeply through the Eucharist and thus become a firmly-knit body in the unity of the charity of Christ. "Intent upon prayer and the ministry of the word" (Acts 6:4), they should devote their labor to this end that all those committed to their care may be of one mind in prayer and through the reception of the sacraments may grow in grace and be faithful witnesses to the Lord.
As those who lead others to perfection, bishops should be diligent in fostering holiness among their clerics, religious, and laity according to the special vocation of each. They should also be mindful of their obligation to give an example of holiness in charity, humility, and simplicity of life. Let them so hallow the churches entrusted to them that the feeling of the universal Church of Christ may shine forth fully in them...


  1. Where oh where has the Holy Catholic Church gone !
    These pictures tell it all .
    SAD, very very sad!
    My heart breaks ...when we see such a break down in true worship and the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass...what have the done ?

  2. These are the same "Catholics" who voted Obama in 4 yrs ago.

  3. These kinds of reports really do make a difference. One priest in Germany who'd had his Mass exposed even threatened the site it originated from with legal action unless they took the evidence down.

  4. Tancred - that's interesting. I guess I always thought the really outrageous liturgy abusers had no shame. Apparently, at least one priest doesn't have the courage of his convictions! If he threatened legal action, he must know there is something wrong with what he is doing!

    1. They all know they can have problems if there are complaints.

  5. I knew someone who left the Church after attending a Mass in his hometown in the Netherlands. The priest basically stood up the front and told the congregation that the Church had been lying to them for centuries.

    My mate was only a teenager at the time, and it pains me to see the impact it has had on even one life. From feelings of betrayal, confusion, anger, it led to atheism and most of the way around the circle until now he's an evangelical christian.

    There is some Faith, but not in the Catholic Church. That door may be permanently closed now.

  6. I've always wondered why local clergy don't complain about the liturgical abuses of their confreres. Why should it take someone on the "outside" to make waves?


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