Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sex, Contraception, and the War on Women

You know, of course, that our society is obsessed with sex. And the liberal progressive types seem to be obsessed with the notion that there's some sort of "war on women" waged by those who think women should be respected outside of their role as sex object - you know, those conservative Republican types who don't think the government should pay for birth control.

What the libs seem not to see is that their efforts at promoting women's "right" to "birth control"  is very, very demeaning. Have you seen this outrageous video - which is an Obama campaign ad? 

It's laughable...but so sad. I never heard of this before, but apparently she is "famous". According to Wikipedia, "Her father, Carroll Dunham, is a painter of 'overtly sexualized pop art', and her mother, Laurie Simmons, is a photographer and designer who creates 'disquieting domestic tableaux' with dolls." All righty, then.

On Face Book, I saw this little gem, which derides the ad and uses the focus on sex to make its point:

And then there was this, which made me laugh out loud!

Using a male to parody the female role in the ad really points up the demeaning aspects of the whole thing. The libs want women to be equal to - the same as - men. But they portray women as silly but cute girls with very little in the way of intellectual gifts. When you put a man in the same role, the idiocy is quite apparent. If men and women are "the same", why does this guy seem so ridiculous?

The culture that wants sex sex sex sex falls right back into stereotypes of "attractiveness" to make their point...which means that they don't really make their point at all. But, being rather immune to the rigors of logic, they don't notice.

Here's one last example of the same thing. It's the "letter to Melinda Gates" that was produced by Although that organization does not promote artificial contraception (they promote NFP instead), the emphasis is still on sex (their mission statement says something about wanting everyone to have the best sex in the universe). But the girl in the video seems silly and immature, even when she gives up the girly act and tries to sound like a mature adult. Do these people realize that they simply reincarnated Goldie Hawn's "dumb blonde" act from the old "Laugh-In" series?


Just sayin'.


  1. Young Mr. Crowder is someone I've watched for a few years now. He recently got married, and while I have no idea what denomination he is, his article about waiting to have sex until you get married is a breath of fresh air. link here.

  2. Oh yes! I read that article - it was very good. I didn't realize it was the same guy.

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