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The Vortex: Authentic Catholics Must Fight Back

Here's the Vortex from Tuesday, "Catholic vs. Katholyc":

Here's the script - I have edited out a few paragraphs just to keep the length down a bit; watch the entire video or read the entire script here.

Yesterday we focused on America of the past and Amerika of the present and increasingly the future. There is a parallel in the Catholic Church as well – what we could call a clash between the Catholic Church and the Katholyc Church.

Unsurprisingly, the competing versions of America and the competing versions of the
Church both became visible in the general consciousness at about the same time: the evil 1960’s.

The forces that caused these ruptures with the past, both socially and religiously, were hard at work for many decades prior – clandestinely operating and out of sight of the average American as well as the average Catholic.

But now – focusing exclusively on the faith – these forces were not unseen by all. Pope
Leo XIII, at the end of the 19th century, was aware of them, and condemned them harshly under the somewhat political label of socialism. And St. Pope Pius X went after them directly with a full frontal assault in a 1907 encyclical – Pascendi Domini Gregis – where he called the tremendous confluence of all these forces that was occurring “Modernism”.

He in fact splendidly captured the essence of the great societal earthquake that was about to strike, and called it the synthesis of ALL heresies.

With the Catholic faith destabilized from within by these forces from the beginning of the 20th century, the ‘60’s were ripe for the official establishment of an unofficial Katholyc Church. These Katholycs set about undoing and reshaping everything they could get their hands on, and as time went by, that proved to be an awful lot.  

They took a page from the playbook of Queen Elizabeth I of England during the Reformation in 16th century England…

…[S]he shrewdly kept everything LOOKING Catholic, but slowly…gradually…almost without notice kept making small changes here and there – until after many years, her subjects blissfully accepted the Church of England over the Church of Rome without noticing hardly any change at all. She kept the outer appearance but gutted the faith: by replacing the Mass, appointing her own bishops, disregarding the Pope, and so forth. Can it not be said that much of this tactic was employed by modernists within the Church starting in the 1960-70s?  

It’s instructive to listen to older Catholics – meaning 75 and older – who remember what the Church USED to look like and hear what they have to say about it now.
Many of them will tell you [that] in all but the MOST fundamental ways, it’s hardly recognizable anymore.

Yes, the Pope is still the Pope, but his words are shot down practically before they are done leaving his mouth by this new Katholyc Church establishment and its followers.

Yes, Our Lord is made really present at the consecration at the sacrifice of the Mass…but how many people in the pews actually know that or believe it? Heck, for that matter, how many priests uttering the words actually believe it?

Yes, the priests still have the authority – Our Lord’s own authority – to forgive sins in the sacrament of confession…but how many Catholics today avail themselves of that forgiveness?

The list of differences – some subtle, some not so subtle – between the Catholic Church and the Katholyc Church is so long that it boggles the mind. And it all happened much quicker than anyone could have imagined.

Just as the thought of wholesale murder of tens of millions of pre-born children in the
United States moved from the category of unimaginable to almost a non-issue, so too the changes that happened in the Church from the late 1960’s to 1970’s happened at lightning speed.

And overall, we Catholics are far the more poorer for them. We have been driven from a faith celebrated and even respected by the enemies of Christ to a shrinking, pandering laughingstock – a punch line for late night comedians.

And this is exactly what the Katholyc Church wanted. This was always the goal of the Katholyc-with-a-“K” crowd. They wanted the emphasis shifted from the Divine and spiritual to the earthly and political. And they have succeeded mightily.

Just as with the massive shift from America to Amerika that we have all witnessed in the past 30 years or so, the consequences of that shift have now become visible as well as irreversible: moral decline to near depravity, economic peril on the doorstep, and great anxiety over the political foundations.

Just as they have been culturally, the consequences of the great shift from the Catholic
Church to the Katholyc Church are also blindingly visible. In fact, you’d have to be totally blind or stupid to not see and admit them.

Why do we say all of this? Because authentic Catholics need to know this and face the reality. B-U-T, also, ignorant Catholics – ignorant largely through no fault of their own, who were victimized by the subversive elements in the Church – they need to know this as well.

It looks very much like the America vs. Amerika conflict…but with one ENORMOUS difference. Amerika will not survive. It was not founded by the Son of God. It did not have the Holy Spirit breathed into it on Easter Sunday night nor any other night. It was given no promise of endurance beyond a constitution that required a morally upright people to uphold. But the constitution of the Church is Jesus Christ Himself, His own Divine Presence: spiritual and ALSO physical.

It is the solemn duty of real Catholics to begin to tear down this fake Katholyc Church that has arisen. It is of diabolical origin because it denies Christ. Its charter is one of damnation not salvation.

It must be fought with every strength that can be mustered in chanceries, parishes, religious houses, seminaries, universities, and even families – perhaps most importantly, families.

Families is the one place that the establishment Katholyc Church does not have actual authority. It has certainly captured the imagination family members, but its grasp is ideological – not one of authority.

Many priests and nuns are captive because of their religious vows. They can be shut down . Shut up and shipped off. And they are. Routinely. But the laity cannot. No such abuse of power can be extended so readily to us.

Catholics must know the faith so they can begin to undo the damage done in their families by the efforts of the Katholyc Church. Have no fear confronting evil – and this
Katholyc Church that shifts the tabernacle off to the side…rarely raises a hand against theological dissidents…fills the minds of children and youth with watered-down or made-up catechesis…this church is evil, despite its claims otherwise.

It is in fact, no Church at all. Our Blessed Lord made one Church. He gave the keys to St. Peter and his successors. Bishops who are not in communion with him – not only open communion, but also in communion of mind and heart – they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

If you want to know why the conflict America and Amerika ever got to the point it is now, you need look no further than the conflict between the Catholic Church and the Katholyc Church.

The authentic Church’s mission is to not only fight evil but vanquish it. The Catholic
Church is in fact the only institution that cannot be corrupted and overcome by evil.
Without a doubt, many of her members can and have, but She…in Herself…impossible.
She is the bulwark against ev,il and when we see evil advancing in the world, it is for the sole reason that evil is advancing in the establishment and bureaucracy of the Church.

This is precisely what we mean when we speak of the Katholyc Church.

Fight it Catholics; fight it like you’ve have never fought anything else in your lives.

Dedicate yourselves to its overthrow as surely and certainly as it dedicated itself to your confusion all these past years.

Fight it with prayer. Fight it with the Rosary. Fight it by supporting the handful of young bishops in their fifties who seem to be emerging and being guided by a take no prisoners, say-it-like-it is approach.

Bishops like:

Kevin Sample in Marquette, Michigan
Salvatore Cordileone in San Francisco
James Conley in Lincoln, Nebraska
Daniel Flores in Brownsville, Texas
Samuel Aquila in Denver, Colorado
Kevin Rhoades in Fort Wayne – South Bend, Indiana
Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin
Thomas Paprocki in Springfield, Illinois.

The battle is engaged. For whatever inscrutable reason, Our Blessed Lord has allowed the evils which befell the Church to occur. Now He is summoning forth a generation of saints – of followers to whom He is handing the simplest path to sanctity that any generation of Catholics may have ever had.

As He told Francis of Assisi to “go and build up My Church”…so He tells us. Drive out the moneychangers and restore His house to a house of prayer.

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