Friday, September 28, 2012

Video of Bishop Paprocki

Here's a quick video clip of Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, (about whom I wrote here) telling it like it is, and working to save the souls under his care.

The short article accompanying the video says (my emphases):

“There are many positive and beneficial planks in the Democratic Party Platform, but I am pointing out those that explicitly endorse intrinsic evils,” the bishop explained. “My job is not to tell you for whom you should vote. But I do have a duty to speak out on moral issues. I would be abdicating this duty if I remained silent out of fear of sounding ‘political’ and didn’t say anything about the morality of these issues. People of faith object to these platform positions that promote serious sins.”
“Again, I am not telling you which party or which candidates to vote for or against,” he concluded, “but I am saying that you need to think and pray very carefully about your vote, because a vote for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are intrinsically evil and gravely sinful makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.”

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  1. Well said dear Bishop Paprocki, now let us hear the same from other Bishops and priests and tell people the plain TRUTH : voting for evil is placing your eternal salvation in serious jeopardy ....wake up folks and do not vote for another 4 yeears of this madness and present evil! God help us all!


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