Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Challenge for the Bishops: The Vortex

Are any bishops watching the Vortex? If there are any good, solid shepherds out there, I hope they are listening and are getting angry enough to take some action – the kind of action Michael Voris suggests in this Vortex episode (September 14). (For other Vortex posts on this blog click on the tab at the top of the page.)

This Vortex is about 10 minutes long. It’s well worth watching, of course, and you can go here to read the full script. I’m posting only the last part of the script here. 

In this episode, Voris discusses the way the bishops have stood by and allowed the homosexual agenda to infiltrate and run the Church. And then he tells us what he thinks (and I agree!) would be a good press conference for a bishop to give. It goes like this:

“I am your bishop. I have care for your immortal souls. Indeed the sole determinant for my immortal soul will be how I shepherded yours. Without wishing to disparage any of my predecessors, we need to be completely honest. Many things that have happened in the past in this diocese have led to a diminution of the faith.

“Many people have left the Church because they do not know the faith. They do not know because they were not told. Too many people charged with their care put aside their sacred duties and sought their own good, advancing agendas totally and absolutely opposed to Our Blessed Lord.

“We have not sought the conversion of our non-Catholic Christian brothers and sisters because we have not believed ourselves that this is the One True Faith established by Him. We have been responsible for the loss of souls and today we are going to begin reversing that.

“From this moment on, no one who works in this diocese will be allowed to [do so] unless he or she totally and absolutely believes, holds and professes ALL that is taught by the Magisterium Catholic Church.

“No Catholic school under my direction will ever again be allowed to corrupt and poison the minds of the young souls entrusted to it.

“From today forward, no priest under my direction and care will be allowed to tend to a flock and teach them error, either by commission or omission. If, as your shepherd, I need to close down or consolidate nearly every parish to accomplish this, so be it.

“If we align our wills with the will of Our Blessed Lord, he will provide whatever we need.”

Yeah! What if a bishop really did that? (Of course, that would require that the bishop also believes and professes all that the Church teaches.) Can you hear a few cheers emanating from the truly faithful Faithful? And would there be a shortage of priests for a while? You betcha. But as Voris says, God will provide. That doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be some suffering along the way, of course. But what a turn-about this kind of action could be for the Church!

And, by the way, BRAVO! to LA Archbishop Jose Gomez, who suspended the faculties of a priest who has been a "gay marriage" activist for years.
Voris concludes:

You get the point. Given the magnitude of the crisis facing the Church right now, and the scorecard that the Bishops’ Conference rates, why shouldn’t this be done? Why can’t it be done?

In fact, it NEEDS to be done. But all the professional Catholic and Establishment boobirds will come out crying, “There’s no need…don’t be ridiculous…what medieval thinking. How hateful!”

And amid all their lamentations and hand-wringing, they will continue to rule over an ever-shrinking Church that will eventually have to become the Church of the Catacombs again.

And it will be instructive for future generations of Catholics to remember that this downfall and crash of the Catholic Church in the west and America especially came about because its bishops stopped being the fathers they were consecrated to be.

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