Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bishops, Where Are You?

Michael Voris hammers away at the bishops…and he’s right. As he points out, even the secular media notices that the bishops offered no correction regarding the “Catholic” speakers at the Democratic Convention. What are they thinking?!

Voris says Obama is capitalizing on the “ignorance and brainwashing of the vast majority of the Catholic laity for the past 40+ years.” Ain’t that the truth!

I had a recent first-hand experience with a friend who told me a while back that she’s a “liberal Catholic”, but loves her faith, etc. Now she says that since the Church calls people she loves “an abomination”, she can’t be a part of that. She doesn’t seem to understand separating the sin from the sinner, nor does she think homosexual behavior is a sin anyway (“and the DSM agrees with me” she said, referring to the “bible” of psychological disorders; psychiatrists and psychologists sold out years ago on the “gay” agenda, removing homosexuality from the list of disorders). On top of that, she claims to be "pro-choice, not pro-abortion", and shows no signs of having read anything recent on why aborting babies conceived in rape makes no sense whatsoever. Etc.

I think many of these false “Catholics” are unreachable by faithful Catholics. They cling to wrong and/or misinterpreted teaching, and they don’t think they need to give their assent to authentic teaching – especially if they don’t agree with it. There’s no absolute truth for them anymore; their consciences are severely injured, though probably not completely dead.

So, even if the bishops started speaking up now, it might not help these lapsed souls. But it might help future generations. Let us pray for all concerned.

Here’s the Vortex from September 17:

Here's the script:

If you are a faithful Catholic, you have got to be going out of your mind as this election unfolds.

A week or so ago, we predicted that Obama would win. That prediction was based on the current trends in the battleground states which is largely based on the direction of Catholic voters in THOSE states.

We don’t want Obama to win. No way. But we need to face the facts. Obama is on a trajectory to victory for two reasons: he has once again managed to capture the Catholic vote – not by as large a margin, it would appear, as in 2008, but as of this moment, still enough.

The second reason is obviously related to the first: that he is capitalizing on the ignorance and brainwashing of the vast majority of the Catholic laity for the past 40+ years. But the underlying cause of that ignorance and ability to be manipulated has been brought about a sorry and pathetic disregard by a large number of bishops to protect the flock.  

Two things need highlighting in this area. First, not one bishop we are aware of uttered one single syllable about the stream of so-called Catholics at the democratic convention claiming to be Catholic as they promoted one intrinsic evil after another. Anyone not completely aligned with and believing in the faith would think that it’s OK to be Catholic and support abortion and all the rest.

Even Bill O’Reilly from Fox News picked up on this when he said on his program:

“After Caroline Kennedy's speech, not one American Catholic leader publicly criticized her. There was complete silence from the Archbishops. Given a huge opportunity to explain why all life should be considered sacred, and why Ms. Kennedy is misguided – to say the least – the clerics passed. Call it the silence of the lambs.”

You know something’s wrong when secular media guys are noticing the silence from the bishops.

Just as important, though, as the bishops allowing that mockery of the faith in one moment of time, is their continued allowance of so-called Catholic political groups who are working hard for Obama and the evil Democratic Party platform. These groups insert the name Catholic in their organization’s title and then appear in the media and at conferences and on college campuses looking very much like simply another Catholic point of view that is acceptable.

We have a little experience here with having the word Catholic in your organization’s name. And we find it curious indeed that, even when the jurisdiction did not apply to us – and Church leaders in Detroit and other places knew that to be the case – they still pretended to the masses that their jurisdiction did extend to us and led people to believe it did, and kept insisting that we drop the name “Catholic” from the former website.

We did change it, but not for those reasons. But the larger point is this: they didn’t want us using the name. But we never said anything against the faith, and in fact, did and still do spend ourselves to promote the truthfulness and majesty of the one true faith. For this we were harassed and had a flurry of press releases issued against us and a whisper campaign to forbid us from speaking on Church property practically anywhere in the country.

Yet, these other groups that use the name Catholic – prominently,  proudly, without even a blush – and promote abortion, contraception, sterilization, same-sex marriage, Planned Parenthood…nothing, not a word, not a peep about THEM using the word Catholic in their groups’ titles.

And they have a whole heckuva lot more exposure than we will ever have. They regularly appear on cable news outlets, and are interviewed for major papers; they’re sought after for their opinions, on college campuses for speaking engagements and political discussion panels. All this coverage allows their sick and twisted opinions to reach millions.

And they slyly undermine the Church and her teachings by saying abortion is not the only issue…or we need to understand the whole picture… or garbage like, “in a pluralistic society we have to accept all forms of marriage”.

So it becomes a deep, deep curiosity why faithful Catholics are harassed and lied about and smeared under the falsehood of not being able to use the name Catholic…but these phony Catholics get to trot all around the country – even appearing on Catholic college campuses – call their group Catholic, and get the red carpet rolled out for THEM.

And what’s even more disturbing is the social forces and agents of change that they are carrying the water for: the likes of George Soros. And the bishops know that. Everyone knows that.

About a year ago, we did hundreds of hours of research into this question and produced one of our CIA episodes entitled “Obama’s Counterfeit Catholics”.

We originally released it outside of the election cycle, but we have decided to re-release it to draw people’s attention to what exactly is going, and to highlight even more so the great moral failing of the nation’s bishop conference.

Obama won’t win this election because he is the big hope and change guy, and is able to cast a spell over the electorate like last time. No, he’ll win this time because the dirty grunt work of subverting the truth is being allowed to happen with the critical and decisive ignorant Catholic voter – and the bishops sit back and do nothing to prevent it.

[Here’s the link] to the CIA episode. Please share it with as many people as you possibly can and perhaps it just might make a difference in some key battleground states.

If the bishops won’t say it, then we have to: no Catholic can vote for this man and remain a faithful Catholic.


  1. The woman of Rev 12 is now here, she is the prophet like unto Moses and Elijah Matt 17:3, Acts 3:21-23, Luke 1:17 delivering the true word John 1:1 from the wilderness to prepare a people for the Lord’s return. God our Father will not put any child of his into a hell fire no matter what their sins. It never entered the heart or mind of God to ever do such a thing Jer7:31, Jer 19:5. Turn your heart to the children of God. A gift is now delivered to the whole world as a witness Matt24:14. http://minigoodtale.wordpress.com Prove all things.

  2. Voris' excellent video aside for the moment, Dr. Jay. You say:

    "I think many of these false “Catholics” are unreachable by faithful Catholics. They cling to wrong and/or misinterpreted teaching, and they don’t think they need to give their assent to authentic teaching – especially if they don’t agree with it."

    Much, much, much of the problem has been, and continues to be, the rejection of Humanae Vitae (As is well documented on sound Cathoic blogs and books with the theme of "This is what is wrong with the Church and why.").

    After my conversion back to the Church my parish priest (who ministers wonderfully to the sick, bereaved, homebound and hospitalized) told me that the Church's teaching on contraception is "ambiguous and not infallible because Humane Vitae was not declared Ex-Cathedra".

    First, it *is not* "ambiguous" at all (copious amount of documentation shows this). While HV was not declared "Ex-Cathedra" (thus maybe not infallible via the extra-ordinary Papal Magisterium) it *is* infallible via the ordinary universal Magisterium (what the Church has constantly taught since the time of Christ).

    Then, I have encountered priests who have told a classroom of catechists that "there are only two things you *have* to believe" (meaning the Papal Ex-Cathedra pronouncements on Mary's Immaculate Conception and her Assumption into Heaven).

    Dear Lord in Heaven!

    I guess all of those "I believe(s)" in the Nicene Creed are optional? (BTW, according to CCC 891 all of the ecumenical council documents are infallible - when pertaining to faith and morals)

    So, the crux is, if a teaching of the Church is not infallible in some way-shape-or-form... supposedly, the faithful do not have to believe in it. (thus this thinking reduces infallibility to the extra-ordinary Papal Magisterium)

    This is an incorrect understanding of the varying levels of the infallibility of the Magisterium of the Church.

    God help us. With priests like these...

    Is it any wonder then, Dr. Jay, that "they don’t think they need to give their assent to authentic teaching – especially if they don’t agree with it"?

    The examples I have given above are examples you will see over and over again in "progressive" type Catholic circles. (i.e. the NCFishwrap, U.S. Katholyc, Amerika, St. Anthony "Messenger", etc.)

    For the benefit of your readers, Dr. Jay, the Church *does teach* that we are to give full assent of religious will and intellect, or assent of faith, to all the teachings of the Church whether they have been given infallibly (i.e. definitive or irreformable) or proposed for belief by Holy Church.

    See CCC nos. 158, 182, 888-892, 2035-7, 2518

    Sorry for the rant - you've got me riled up this morning! :)


  3. Another EXCELLENT Vortex by Michael Voris.
    We The Holy Catholic Church is in TROUBLE. People (Catholic) pick and choose what they want to believe and obey...God help us all..I use to do the same thing. I was one of the "cafeteria" Catholics who use do it my way , God Have Mercy on Me . But that is where the power of prayer comes in: Someone's prayers were answered: I am HOME and OBEDIENT to the Holy Catholic Church .
    Our Bishops need to speak out and PROCLAIM the TRUTH at all times, What I see happening is frightening . I have my eyes fixed on JESUS and HIS CHURCH : THE TRUE CHURCH and not the Church of Nice . The Church is going through a purification , that I believe. I have heard it said from a member of my own family, The Holy Bible does not apply in these times, these are "modern" times and the Bible is outdated . God hlep us all with attitudes and statements of this nature . God Bless you Dr. Jay ...your web page here brings LIGHT to the TRUTH .

  4. Thank you, Dr. Jay, for the link to the beautiful homily by the FSSP priest. It gave me a more correct way to receive Our Lord, especially the part about putting our intentions on the Host before the Offertory! As a reformed nominal Catholic, I rejoice at the blessings of the teachings from good, holy priests. And it's the second time in a couple of weeks that the reminder to pray for 15 minutes after reception has come up for me. A reminder of the mercy and beneficence of Our Savior. I very much appreciate your newsletter.

  5. You're welcome - and there are many more great sermons on that site. This one really made a big impression on me, as well.

    1. Have none of you people heard of
      the "sense of the faithful?" If Humanae
      Vitae is the cause of all of our problems
      of belief, then why do over 75% of Catholics
      practice contraception??????? It must be their
      sense that something is wrong with the Church's
      teaching on this matter!

  6. Ned, you are confused about the "sense of the faithful". It doesn't mean the faith is up for a majority vote. Humanae Vitae isn't the problem; in part it's good, but the justification used in it is not so good, and it has watered down the faith. You imply that we should just take a vote every so often as to how the faithful "feel" about certain Church teachings, and adjust accordingly. Either there is absolute truth or there is not. The Church says there is. And really, the other option - relativism - isn't even viable.


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