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Politics and Religion: The Vortex

There were two especially hard-hitting Vortex episodes this week, one building on the points of the other.  Here a few excerpts from the scripts, followed by the videos.

In the September 6 episode, Michael Voris notes that there was something “unsettling” about the Republican convention which became clear to him as he listened to

…the Godless democrats drone on and one about how wonderful homosexual sex is and murdering children is a splendid thing…it suddenly hit me. One party denies or distorts God and the other is indifferent to Him.

The Dems finally dropped all pretense in belief in a Supreme Being…[and] we are clear where they now stand – as if perverted sex, child murder and government replacing God hadn’t been strong enough clues for the past few decades.

… I couldn’t help but wonder just how in tarnation did we get here as a country.
And then Рthunderbolt: we got here because of the attitude of indifference toward God and more precisely the blasé approach toward truth and religious creeds.

Listen for yourself [Mike Huckabee sound bite]: “Let me say tonight that I care far less as to where Mitt Romney takes his family to church, than I do about where he takes this country."

And then from the mouth of the candidate himself [Mitt Romney sound bite]:
“My friends cared more about what sports teams we followed than what church we went to.”

Now, we aren’t saying these men are to blame for the moral rot; but we are saying that this attitude is. You cannot speak of issues like religion and God so dismissively and expect that at some point down the road, others [READ THE DEMOCRATS] aren’t going to take thinking to its logical conclusion.

Half of all Americans dismiss any SUBSTANTIAL belief in God because the other half of Americans are largely indifferent to God…lukewarm.

Bottom Line: IT ABSOLUTELY DOES MATTER WHAT RELIGION YOU BELIEVE. Why? Because one MUST BE RIGHT – which means the others are wrong in varying degrees; some are totally wrong and others are partially wrong.

After making the case for the absolute truth of Christianity, and the Catholic Church as the one true church, Michael Voris sums it up:

The problem with America – on center stage at both parties’ conventions – is that one of the assumptions that America is founded on – one of its basic foundational pillars – is [that] there is no single religion that is true… and THAT is false.

Examined from purely a logical approach, at the very least either ALL religions are false, because there is no God; or only ONE religion is true because GOD is ONE.

[But what is absolutely] not possible in any manner at all is that ALL religions are true. IMPOSSIBLE.

And yet, the republicans at their convention make that very case: all religions are OK so it doesn’t matter which one you confess. Go to whatever Church you want,  care more about sports teams, because at the end of the day, all religions are acceptable.

That’s the message that came out of Tampa last week. [And] the message coming out of Charlotte this week is, at bottom, there is No God.

When all the talking is over and all the spinning is spun, this nation will have had three options, just as every individual person has three options. Accept the ONE TRUE FAITH; reject all faith; or fake your way along pretending that ALL faiths are valid.

Two of those choices lead to destruction one perhaps faster than the other, but in the end, it all ends up the same. America’s political parties have committed themselves to each of the two WRONG options.
[See the full script here.]

In the September 7 episode of the Vortex, Michael Voris continues along the same line of thought, and he ends up with this conclusion, which pretty much says it all:

Politicians must stand up and say the whole truth or shut up and get off stage, no matter who is offended. Likewise teachers in the Church must stand up and say the whole truth or shut up and resign their offices, no matter who is offended.
There are many similarities with political parties and politics in the Church; and the most frightening is how the truth is sacrificed first in the name of compromise.

Ain’t that the truth?!

I recommend watching the whole episode, but here are some highlights (and you can read the whole script here):

[Politically], you have one party screaming about rights to marry anything you want and kill children before their born  - or in some cases, shortly after…And they are dead wrong.

But on the other side of the aisle, you have the other party yelling back, “No, you don’t have a right to marry the same gender or kill your unborn children”. But why not? How can Republicans put up any serious argument against those evil positions of the Democrats? Republicans – at least the party establishment – have long since abandoned any notion – in fact they have NEVER accepted it – that there is one true God and He established One True Religion.

But see, that’s politics in America. Try to score popular points where you think you can, but avoid the real substance. When democrats advance evil, it becomes difficult for Republicans to battle back when they refuse to acknowledge absolute truth.

…This is why the republicans can stand there with a straight face and say, “Abortion is awful, evil, murder – but we’ll allow it in cases of rape and incest.”
This is why the Republicans can stand there with a straight face and say, “Same sex marriage is a bad, unnatural, and destabilizing to traditional marriage… but we’re pretty much down with civil unions.”

If you confront absolute evil – absolute falsehood – with only PARTIAL truth, don’t even waste your time. Your days are already numbered.

Despite all the calls for common ground and compromise and coming together, the hard reality is this: America is in her twilight because we as a people have refused to learn and live by the truth.
And the Catholic Church in America has fallen into this trap of compromise, with too many thinking that if we say SOME truths, that’s pretty good.
Kind of like the ridiculous position taken by so many priests when asked about people who come to Mass dressed in beach wear, texting friends, chewing gum, slouched in the pew: “Well, at least they’re coming”.

Is there a more inane response that could be offered, a more disgraceful shameful reply that could be uttered from the mouth of a priest – [who is] ordained to bring souls to God – not just attract a few brain-dead bodies to the pews.

Yet time and time again, we see this desire – this plan – to be the Great Church of
Compromise, whose Charter of Foundation is FIRST to never give offense.

On many, many issues, there is no compromise; there is no middle ground. Morally and politically, abortion and same-ex marriage are two examples. But there are many philosophical and theological issues as well which brook no middle ground.

It’s worth your time to read, listen, and pay attention. Let it sink in. Something’s gotta give.

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