Friday, August 24, 2012

Vortex: Vote for Evil or Less Evil?

Another good Vortex today…watch it, and/or read the whole script here.

Here’s the crux of the issue discussed here (from the script):

Let’s look at this a little more deeply. Faithful Catholics don’t want Obama because he is a conduit for evil – no doubt about it.

But think of this .. if/when a faithful Catholic goes into the voting booth and pulls a lever for Romney – he is pulling the lever for a man who supports same-sex civil unions and has stated that he thinks such couples should be able to adopt.

In short, the dilemma is a guy who supports a heck of a lot of evil, or a guy who supports a little less evil. Man, that’s our choice.

And here’s the root of the problem: Faithful Catholics and under political conservatives have been used and abused by the Republican Party establishment for decades. In five of the last 8 presidential elections, a republican has won.

Abortion on demand is still the law of the land and America has continued her downward moral spiral, granted at varying speeds depending on which party is in control.

But that’s just the point – it boils down to a question of just how fast we are rocketing to hell. Warp speed if the democrats are in charge, cruise control if the Republicans are.

At some point, Catholics and other like-minded moral people, who believe that the number one issue with America is not the economy but moral rot, have got to get out of this box of “vote for the bad guy OR the REALLY bad guy”.


  1. We must continue to pray that the request of Our Lady of Fatima is fulfilled soon, to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. For those who believe it has been done, then where is the peace that Our Lady promised?? She always keeps her promises.

    There is an effort to suppress this message and dilute it. Russia has been allowed to spread her errors of Communism because the Pope and bishops throughout the world have not done what Our Lady has asked. Our Lady gets my vote!

  2. Communism certainly isn't dead, is it? Obama is attempting to bring it to fruition in the US.


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