Friday, August 31, 2012

Radio: Review and Reminders


Last night’s interview with Fr. Michael Rodriguez on Salve Regina Radio with host Larry Roach was very interesting. You can listen to it here. A commenter here on this blog said, “Fr. Rodriguez offered many great insights. I enjoyed learning about his journey to the Tridentine Mass and his clear understanding of the priest’s awesome role, in persona Christi.”

Fr. Rodriguez also gave a great list of 10 reasons to use Latin in the Mass; I hope to find time to transcribe that part soon.

Reminder #1:

The interview with Fr. William Gardner on NFP, purity, and marital chastity will be re-broadcast on Radio Maria tomorrow, Saturday, at noon Eastern Time.
Fr. Gardner, who has offered his commentary on this blog, is the oldest of 10 living children, was once an electrical engineer, and is now a parish priest for the Diocese of Peoria. He has written three articles with important incites on marriage, NFP and purity. Two were originally printed in Homiletic & Pastoral Review , and can be viewed at third was printed in Latin Mass, Purity Honors Creativeness

Reminder #2:

A new radio show, “Forward Boldly”, hosted by Christine Niles is coming up, too; the debut show will be on Saturday night, Sept. 8, 10-11 p.m. Eastern Time. Go here for more information about the show and Christine. Here’s an excerpt:

After a number of years wandering in the non-Catholic wilderness, Christine returned with great joy to the one true faith in 2003 and has never looked back. With a graduate degree in theology from the University of Oxford and a Juris Doctor from Notre Dame Law School, she is currently a licensed attorney and mother of four.

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