Monday, August 13, 2012

Blogger's Lament: A Limerick

Truthfully, my family doesn’t complain, and if I don’t fix dinner, we eat out. But I do need to get some cleaning done!

There once was a blogger named Jay
Who worked on her blog night and day.
She did it to “vent” –
Not to pay rent –
Because she had “something to say”.

But that blog took up every hour,
And she no longer had time to scour
The sink or the tub;
And there was the rub:
The house began to smell sour.

The shelves had a layer of dust
And the pots had started to rust.
She didn’t fix dinner
And her family grew thinner,
So of course they started to fuss.

“We know that you write some good stuff
(Though sometimes you’re just a bit rough).
All the while you’re blogging
The toilet needs un-clogging!
We think enough is enough!”

So this blogger agreed to spend time
Ridding the house of the grime:
Dirty dishes galore,
Dirt on the floor,
Mountains of laundry to climb.

She cleaned till it started to shine,
And found that she even had time
To fix a nice meal
(Though as part of the deal,
She’d thought they would go out to dine).

And then when a new day arose
She started again to write prose.
She did it to “vent”;
It won’t pay the rent,
But I guess that’s just how it goes!

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