Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fr. William Gardner on Radio Maria

I had received the email below from One More Soul, but neglected to announce it myself!

Fr. William Gardner, who has written several good articles on NFP, and has occasionally added his comments on this blog, was on Radio Maria today. The show will be rebroadcast on Saturday at noon ET.

Fr. Gardner pointed out to me that it seemed quite fitting that today is the feast day of St. Augustine - the Doctor of Grace who has so much to teach us about marriage! 

Update: I believe you can listen to the program any time here.

Here’s the announcement from One More Soul:

 Dear Friends of Radio Maria, One More Soul, et al,

Thank you for being a faithful listener to "The Quest for a Culture of Life in America" - I hope you enjoy and appreciate this program as much as I do. The Guests are great, and somehow I manage to stumble along with them. If you cannot listen live (on radio or web at radiomaria.us), the program is rebroadcast on Saturdays at the same time

Our Guest Today Tuesday the 28th (Noon, ET) will be Fr. William Gardner, the oldest of 10 living children, an Electrical Engineer, and now a parish priest for the Diocese of Peoria. He has written three articles with important incites on marriage, NFP and purity. Two were originally printed in Homiletic & Pastoral Review , and can be viewed at www.OneMoreSoul.com/theology. The third was printed in Latin Mass, http://www.ivcatholictradition.org/images/purityhonorscreativeness-1.pdf

One More Soul has always been a strong advocate for Natural Family Planning (NFP) as an aid for couples seeking to achieve conception and also for those who for serious reason feel the need to avoid conception. This support for NFP has always been subservient to our encouragement for married couples to be open to procreation (with God) of a child--the Supreme gift of/to marriage.

I am really looking forward to hearing about Fr. Gardner's first large family, his vocation path, and his life as a parish priest in Peru Indiana. AND, of course, we want to gain an understanding of his perspectives on NFP, marriage and purity.

I hope you will be able to be with us on Tuesday. Blessings.

Steve Koob, Director
One More Soul

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