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Bishops' "Hair-splitting Double-Speak": The Vortex

Michael Voris hit another homerun with the Vortex yesterday. (Follow the link to become a premium subscriber, or to make a one-time donation.)

Voris is right: the “hair-splitting double speak” we experience from the mouths of our bishops and their spokesmen is frustrating, damaging, and disgusting. There are so many “nuanced” points made by our shepherds! Where is the clear, firm, and edifying language of previous times? I think the creeping modernism that preceded Vatican II has become a raging monster that has crippled the ability of the Church to teach clearly on important issues.

But Michael Voris says it so much better (and the script is reproduced below):

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The script:

What’s the problem? What’s the problem with the various levels of leadership in the Church in the United States these days? Clearly something flat out stinks…and those in charge look the other way.

The issue is this: While certain bishops tromp up and down the nation preaching and speeching about the desperate need for Catholic identity, admitting the failures of the past in presenting the faith clearly, at the end of the day, THEY DON’T DO a blessed thing about it!

And more to the point, they actually DO things that send clear signals of mass confusion to the faithful. Need an example? The annual Alfred Smith dinner in New York, a fundraiser for the Church [where] various politicians are invited for a night of lampooning.  Each presidential election year, generally the major party candidates are invited as well. Not every time, but most.

So this year, right in the middle of a lawsuit over OBAMAcare, who does the sponsoring Archdiocese of New York invite other than the mastermind of Obamacare himself: Obama.

Imagine the photo op that will make. Cardinal Dolan shaking hands with Obama, each all smiles and happy faces. Wanna take a guess at the caption?

And talk about an awkward moment. What on earth do two bitter legal adversaries say to each other – one proposing himself to be the defender of religious liberty, and the other the destroyer of them.

“Hey Mr. President, nice to see you again. Get ready for a beat-down in court next week.”

What makes this photo op even more weird is that it happened because the Archdiocese of New York MADE it happen. It didn’t have to come close to being a reality.

Imagine: 83 bishops protest Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame back in 2009. A massive internet protest petition is organized and hundreds of thousands of Catholic laity sign it. They don’t want Obama being recognized because of his virulent culture of death political poison. AND THEN, out of the blue, he turns up at a Catholic fundraiser dinner at the invitation of the most recognized Cardinal in America.

JUST HOW EXACTLY is that picture, which will be splashed across millions of headlines and internet pages, to be interpreted by the tens of millions of people who see it? The only logical way it could, which is: “Well…this whole Obamacare birth control thing can’t possibly be THAT BAD a problem.”

And when Obama stands up to make his jokes, what exactly does he say to a room packed with people who disagree with him on child-killing ? What does he say? “A funny thing happened on the way to Supreme Court today”?

There is a never-ending stream of this “say one thing, do another” approach. It never ends. Bishops freely disregard canon law about giving holy Communion to pro-abort, pro-same sex marriage catholic politicians. They allow dissident nuns and university professors and homosexual clergy to run hog wild all over the faithful. Their precious SO-CALLED social justice initiatives have been for decades little else than a thinly-veiled disguise for pushing every modernist progressive agenda that came across their desks, all in the name of fighting poverty.

Now the latest dustup with the Catholic Relief Services scandal where 5 million dollars was given to CARE, an international organization which promotes contraception. CRS quickly rolled out their hair-splitting argument that CARE also does nice things and the money is never used for bad things and we never do anything against Church teaching.

Turns out: yes they do…and they do so in SPADES. CRS is a dues-paying member of a group called CORE, which actively promotes and pushes family planning contraception programs all over the world. We’ve attached relevant links to the story [here and here]. You heard right! They just don’t pay dues to the group – give Catholic money to it – officials of CRS ACTUALLY SIT ON THE BOARD OF THE GROUP. As such, they MORE than just sit on the board; they actually OVERSEE programs supporting the culture of Death.

More than that, they actually have INPUT in the programs. That’s right: CATHOLIC
Relief Services personnel…sitting on the board of an outside group…directing and delivering input into programs DIRECTLY opposed to Catholic Church teaching.

This type of rotten behavior has been going on for decades inside the Church in America, from the top down…and its revolting.

Remember that the Bishops Conference funded ACORN, the community organizing group that was eventually busted up by the feds – but not before millions of Catholic dollars had been funneled to it – again, all under the name of fighting poverty.

And the song-and-dance press releases and speeches that come out in defense of this garbage, with all their nuanced hair-splitting doublespeak is even more revolting; it’s downright disgusting.

It’s high time those in charge make a clear definitive statement one way or the other: are you with the Church or are you not? And if you are, it’s time to get a great big broom – the one you’ve been using against concerned faithful Catholic laity for years – and clean out your liberal offices from their modernist progressive staffs.

And please spare us all the speeches and books and articles and interviews and the PR media blitz about how we have to reclaim Catholic identity and fight the anti-Catholic forces in the world.

You got enough anti-Catholic forces in the Church.


  1. Hope Springs EternalAugust 4, 2012 at 3:13 PM

    When Catholic Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals finally speak the clear language of the Church, martyrs will be made.

    Saint Teresia Benedicta of the Cross (aka Saint Edith Stein), pray for us! Please give our Catholic leaders the courage to defend their Catholic faith without compromise!

  2. I was pretty shocked when I first read about that dinner. Reminds me of a couple of pro wrestlers throwing each other around the ring and then going and having a beer after the show. Sends a bad message to those Catholics who are paying attention (which, I'm sure, are few,)

    Had lunch with a fellow Catholic blogger who is a law prof at Gonzaga ( In his opinion the only way to keep your faith today is to go to Mass, keep your head down, hit doughnut hour once in awhile, and don't participate in any Church activities. I think he's probably right!

    Gonzaga has deteriorated to the level of Notre Dame. Crazy Jesuits.


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