Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Divine Justice?

I noticed in the almost-local news yesterday that lightning had caused a fire at a church in Bend, Oregon, the other day; I didn’t know which church, and assumed it wasn’t either of the Catholic churches in that city or I’d have heard about it more directly (and it wasn’t). Here’s the news item:

A lightning strike caused a fire Sunday evening at Bend’s First Presbyterian Church, the Bend Fire Department said.

The fire department responded to a report of the fire after Sunday’s thunderstorm.

Witnesses reported seeing lightning hit the church, across from Bend High School, and hearing fire alarms. Fire crews were able to access the church roof and extinguish the flames.

The fire caused about $75,000 in damage.

Even had I read that, I wouldn’t have known “the rest of the story”.  A correspondent knows the history, however, and gave me a few details. I’m told that this was the church that hosted the first, organizing meeting for a local chapter of the dissident group, Voice of the Faithful.

At that meeting, a former priest of the Diocese of Baker gave his sob story, and Bishop Vasa was insulted to his face. The priest went on to cause more trouble in the diocese, and has since left the priesthood. He lives an openly homosexual lifestyle, and reportedly was to “marry” his same-sex partner in September of 2011. The story at the link also says he’s a member of St. Andrew Catholic Church in Portland – not exactly an orthodox parish.

So…a belated chastisement?!


  1. On the St Andrews Catholic Church, Portland, OR website, the parish proclaims "St. Andrew is a faith community baptized into one body, which honors and celebrates diversity. We welcome and include persons of every color, language, ethnicity, origin, ability, sexual orientation, gender expression, marital status, and life situation. "

    Welcome every language? I don't suppose they support the use of Latin?


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