Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why I Dread Sunday Mass revisited

After I wrote my last post, I discovered this blog entry via ThePulp.It:

The excruciation scale: when will going to an OF Mass be uplifting?

The author asks:

"Why is going to Mass so often an excruciating experience, where the wonder of the sacrifice is undermined by erroneous or just poor sermons, casual irreverence and awful music?

"And why don't our bishops pay more attention to making sure the Mass is the highlight of our weeks - and thus help improve attendance, increase the amount put in the collection plate, not to mention promote our growth in sanctity?"


Further, she adds,

"The Mass is the Mass of course, the same sacrifice no matter the externals. But the externals do make a difference, both to our own sanctification, because we are both body and soul, and to God. Thy can increase or decrease the amount of grace available to us aside from that received in communion, not to mentoin affecting our disposition to receive/when we receive."

Yes, again, exactly!

The USCCB has exhorted us that the new translation of the Roman Missal affords us an excellent opportunity to renew a sense of reverence in the Mass, and to deepen our understanding of the Liturgy. Please listen, priests of the Diocese of Baker! Do not listen to mechanistic and superficial means of implementing the new translation! If you take the attitude that we "just need to do it", you lose an incredible means of renewing the liturgical life of your parish!

We need the new translation and we need the insights and spiritual growth it can bring. In this diocese, email Mrs. Stephanie Swee, president of the Board of Directors of the Society of St. Gregory the Great, for information about a workshop utilizing the "Mystical Body, Mystical Voice" program. See also the Society's blog.


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