Saturday, October 1, 2011

LifeSiteNews reports that San Francisco is considering passing legislation that targets pro-life pregnancy centers. See the story here. I remember seeing this kind of legistation proposed (and apparently passed) before; the idea behind it is that pro-life pregnancy centers are guilty of false advertisement because they don't advertise the fact that they don't provide abortions.

If a center's advertising doesn't cover all the bases, it could be in violation of the proposed law. "If officials decide the advertisements contain too little information, the ordinance allows the city to force the center to post a sign 'in an area clearly noticeable from the waiting area, examination area, or both' stating whether or not it provides abortion, abortion referrals, or contraception", according to the article. "The bill’s chief sponsor, Supervisor Malia Cohen, said that it ensures pregnancy centers give women with crisis pregnancies proper information on abortion."

Now that's ironic. Clearly "proper information" in this context means information on where to obtain an abortion. But it's pretty clear to anyone who's watched Lila Rose and company's undercover videos and/or listened to the tapes of phone conversations with abortion workers that it's the abortion providers who are NOT providing "proper information" on abortion. Women have died because they didn't have "proper information" about what they were doing to their bodies with abortion drugs. Abortion providers lie about the humanity of the unborn baby.

Abortion providers also lie about the potential psycho-emotional effects on the mother. And they lie about why they want to provide abortions in the first place. Have you watched the movie "Blood Money"? Some horrible truths are exposed there - by former clinic owners and workers. Abortion clinic directors like Abbie Johnson (and others who are seeing the light and leaving their jobs) are blowing the whistle on these clinics.

Just who is engaging in false advertising then? Perhaps the congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood will shed some light on the evils being perpetrated in the name of "women's health".

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