Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sacrificing our children: Gardasil, parental rights, and the homosexual agenda

What incredible nonsense this is! Well, we are talking about California, after all, but still: kids can be given vaccinations without parental consent, but now the under-18 crowd is banned from using tanning beds. Governer Jerry Brown says parents have the ability and responsibility to make good choices for their children...but then he takes away the right that such a statement implies!

I'm talking about the new law in California which "allows children as young as 12 to receive vaccinations and other medications to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including the human papilloma virus (HPV)." See the National Catholic Register story here.

Of course, the primary vaccination we're talking about here is Gardasil, which purports to provide protection against cervical cancer. According to the NCRegister article, "William May, chairman of Catholics for the Common Good, told CNA in September that the HPV vaccination of teenagers would likely end up squandering resources, as well as undermining families. As May explained, 73% of teenagers who sign up to receive the Gardasil vaccine never complete the series of three shots, which must be received over the course of three months at a cost of $120 each."

The Gardasil farce is all about money.

But the larger issue, of which Gardasil is only a part, is that of the undermining of parental rights. And that's part of the Culture of Death.

Satan is intent upon convincing us to sacrifice our children. He's got us doing that in various ways, and he's moving ever forward with his diabolical plan. Abortion is the prime example, of course, and is running rampant in this country. Even though Planned Parenthood seems to be on the defensive at the moment, the Obama administration is frantically backing up that mega abortion provider, and trying to undo everything the pro-life movement accomplishes. The battle is hot and heavy.

But there are other ways to sacrifice children: we can sacrifice them on the altar of sexuality. We are seeing children sexualized at earlier and earlier ages, with sex education aimed at even kindergarteners in some countries. The government conspires to provide birth control without parental consent to children who have reached physical sexual maturity. The message is: "You're going to want to have sex, and why shouldn't you be able to?" We have seen evidence of this mentality in the UN's agenda for the sexual "rights" of children, as well as Planned Parenthood's websites aimed at teens and even pre-teens. The strategy seems to be this: Sexualize the children and provide artificial contraception that is programmed to fail at some point (not to mention being harmful to women's health, as in chemical birth control methods), and you can guarantee enough abortions to fund your whole operation and create a nifty profit besides. The video "Blood Money" cuts to the heart of the issue.

This is all directly related to the homosexual agenda. Initially, the intent is the sexualization of children; close on the heels of that abomination comes the homosexualizing of children. And if you can't make a child believe he or she is "gay", then at least make him or her believe it is okay for others to be "gay" - so okay, in fact, that "gay" people are entitled to all manner of special treatment, and we must never ever "bully" them by insinuating in any way that their behavior is immoral. In California, the public schools will soon be teaching from a homosexualized curriculum - mandated by the state. Homosexuality is being "normalized" at an alarming rate. The combination of sexualizing and homosexualizing children will probably make California a prime target for moves to lower the age of consent for sexual behavior. This way of sacrificing our children is less bloody than abortion, but it, too, is deadly. The homosexual agenda is not about tolerance at all; it is about control of the minds and bodies - and ultimately the very souls - of children.

Thank God that Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles has at least made a statement against the law. More has to be done, though. Words are cheap. Too many Catholics are accepting of homosexuality and they vote accordingly. Where is the catechesis that helps the faithful to understand that homosexual behavior is gravely sinful, that it is wrong, that it is harmful? "Catholic" politicians have largely played into the hands of the homosexual agenda, and the bishops have been a little remiss in their efforts (or lack thereof) along these lines - both in general catechesis and in the disciplining of  politicians who claim to be Catholic but refute Church teaching on this issue and others.

Well, we might wait a long time for our pastors to show enough backbone to truly fight all these diabolical forces. In the meantime, parents, do a little innoculation of your own: innoculate your children with the whole series of three anti-world shots: the one that prevents pre-marital sex, the one that prevents homosexuality, and the one that prevents illogical, relativistic "moral" thinking. Where can you find the vaccine? It's all right there in your Catholic faith. Learn it. Live it. Teach it.

Deuteronomy 6:6-7:

Eruntque verba haec, quae ego praecipio tibi hodie in corde tuo, et inculcabis ea filiis tuis et loqueris ea sedens in domo tua at ambulans in itinere, decumbens atque consurgens.

And these words which I command thee this day, shall be in thy heart, and thou shalt tell them to thy children, and thou shalt meditate upon them sitting in they house, and walking on thy journey, sleeping and rising.

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  1. You are spot on. Satan is after our children especially our girls because they are the life bearers. Rev 12:13

    What also needs to be noted is the large number of injuries and deaths from Gardasil.

    A 12 year old girl is in no position to make a possibly life changing decision about receiving a vaccine or abortion for that matter which I believe in California also does not require parental permission. According to this report there has not been a study to examine the potential drug interactions with the vaccine even though it appears there are according to the report. There is also no requirement to do a medical history and I doubt a 12 year old would volunteer one. Parents have a responsibility to educate themselves about this vaccine and then educate their children, yes children because it is now being recommended for boys.

    Thank you for bringing awareness to the connection between Gardasil, abortion and homosexuality and the pornification of our children.


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