Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Start with "Catholic" Politicians

Michael Voris gets it right again - a great idea for where the bishops might begin as they try to reverse the damage done in the last 50 years: stop giving Holy Communion to dissident Catholic politicians. In yesterday's issue of The Vortex, Mr. Voris names names - though of course he doesn't really need to; these traitors, as he calls them, have made their views well-known, right along with their (lack of) faith: Andrew Cuomo, Leon Panetta, Kathleen Sibelius, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden...those are probably the best-known names, and there are plenty more.

The issue of whether or not these politicians should be given Holy Communion has been bantered about for years. Remember when the bishops withheld that important letter from then-Cardinal Ratzinger regarding this issue? I hope the bishops remember, and I hope they begin to rectifiy the situation.

Mr. Voris points out that:

"until the leaders of the Church in America put sufficient distance between themselves and this traitorous lot of Catholic political leaders .. they are going to find the going tough.

"The reason why is very simple. These Judas Catholics worm their way into these positions quite frequently by passing themselves off as Catholics to a Catholic electorate .. or at least to many voters in their home districts who are Catholic. They present themselves as “your typical Catholic”. They show up at Catholic events .. like fish fries .. enroll in Catholic associations like the knights of Columbus .. speak at Catholic schools and universities .. and belong to various Catholic organizations.

"All of this gives the impression to Catholic voters .. who are largely ignorant of almost everything Catholic .. that these snakes in the grass are actually Catholic and at least passively accepted by the Church and her leaders and therefore OK to vote for .. or at the very least pose no moral or ethical or theological problems in voting for them."

Now is the time for the bishops to say - in one, loud, unified voice - that "Catholic" politicians whose political statements and affiliations fly in the face of Catholic teaching should NOT...NOT...NOT even seek to receive Holy Communion. And if they do, they should be denied. The bishops need to make this point clear to their priests. The priests need to make it clear to their "extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion."

Speaking of most cases, the priest himself could easily administer the host to the people, with no help from a lay minister. If he did so, he would have more control over who receives Holy Communion...and who is denied. And why not go all the way, and just administer Communion under one species? What a concept! Imagine the abuses that could be averted this way!

This all dovetails very nicely into re-educating the faithful in the pews. They would see the politicians being refused. They could be encouraged to ask whether they themselves are receiving Communion worthily. They would be forced to see what the Church teaches and whether or not they are in communion with that teaching.

And how about eradicating this silly notion of "receiving a blessing" at Holy Communion if you are not disposed to properly receive? Despite a few documents and letters out there, this is still a rampant practice. But it dumbs-down the idea of sin, and pooh-poohs the idea of "worthy reception" of Holy Communion. If you're not properly disposed to receive, sit in the pew and think about it! Go to confession! Get "worthy"!

If the bishops would insist on not giving Holy Communion to traitorous "Catholic" politicians, and on not giving the "blessing", maybe the ball would start rolling in the right direction.

Here's one of my favorite limerick attempts about the subject of blessings at Communion:

The faithful want to be blessed,
Because they haven't confessed.
Rome says not to.
The bishop says "got to" --
Just as one would've guessed.

If the offended should all leave the Church,
The bishop'll be in the lurch.
There won't be enough money!
That wouldn't be funny.
It would require a new funding search.

They won't change the wrong for the right,
Or the "faithful" will exit in fright.
Pastors stick with the wrong
To maintain the throng,
And we end up with Kathlic-Lite.

Time to change all that, right, Bishops? I know that at least some of you want to right the wrongs and put the faithful back on the path to holiness.  I'm with you. I'm praying for you!


  1. Best that our U.S. bishops get on this before the presidential election year arrives. Else, the lesson will be drowned out by media and partisan cries of "Partisanship!", "How dare he?!!", and "Separation of Church and State!"

  2. Great post! This idea seems to be spoken about more and more. Hopefully the bishops will soon get on board.


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