Friday, October 28, 2011

Check It Out: A Few Good Blogs

I have a post on AnytimeEvangelize blog today, titled "Confessions of a Lousy Evangelizer". "Anytime" is an interesting concept; see what it's all about in the "Welcome" message. Anyone can join and post their thoughts...just do it!

I've been remiss in not mentioning the blogs of my friend Deacon Pat Kearns; see them here and here. He always has lots of good photos and videos.

Then there are two other blogs you should see: Accepting Abundance and Little Catholic Bubble. I "met" these two bloggers via (which you should check once or twice a day for the latest good blogging). They have both fun and serious posts, and sometimes a combination of the two. And lots of children. Yay!

Finally, check out La Nueva Primavera. I know nothing about the author and he doesn't give any info on his profile page, but I'll tell you this: he doesn't pull any punches and he generally documents the things he says with links to the sources.

So go...check out some of these blogs!

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